Girl Gets Send Home For 12th Time, But Then Her Mother Finds Out Who The Principal Is

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This girl kept being sent home early from school, and the mother didn’t understand why. The final straw was when her daughter arrived home early for the 12th time, and the mother decided to act. However, her actions would lead to discovering who the principal was, leaving her speechless and with more questions.

Diana was working at home like usual when she looked out her window. Inside, on the sidewalk before her house, stood her daughter Sophia. Diana stood up from her desk and walked to the front door to welcome her daughter home. “What are you doing home so early?” But deep down, she already knew.

“Hello sweetie,” Diana said as she opened the door. “What are you doing here?” But her question was answered when Sophia handed her a note, and her initial thoughts were confirmed. Her daughter had been sent home, and it wasn’t the first time. This was now the 12th time it happened. Her daughter would arrive home early with a note written by Principal DF. At first, the reasons seemed believable; Sophia wasn’t feeling well or the teacher got sick. But after a while, they changed, and now they were getting out of hand.

As Diana read the latest note, she felt something was wrong. The note said Sophia was sent home because she was bullying other kids. Diana couldn’t believe it and read the note multiple times to ensure that was really what was said. She looked from the note to Sophia and shook her head. Her daughter wouldn’t do something like that. What was going on?

The whole situation was weird, but until now, her daughter has always confirmed why she was sent home. Did she really bully someone? It was hard for Diana to believe. So she confronted her daughter, “Darling, did you bully someone at school?” she asked. But Sophia’s response caught her off guard. The young girl looked at her mother and shook her head. “No, Mommy, I didn’t,” she said with a small voice.

A deep frown appeared on Diana’s face. It was the answer she had hoped for, but it raised more questions. However, one thing was clear, something weird was going on at school. The reasons became increasingly unbelievable, and the fact that Sophia now contradicted the latest note she had been given was the final straw for Diana. This had been going on for far too long, and she needed to figure out what was going on. She needed to confront a superior, and not just any superior; no, she was going to contact the principal directly, as he was the one who had written the notes that Soph had brought home.

Diana walked back to her desk and navigated to the school’s website on her computer. But when she opened the contact page, “No, that can’t be,” Diana mumbled to herself as she moved closer to the screen. Derek Foster was listed as the principal on the school’s website. “Principal DF is Mr. Foster,” she muttered, disbelief drenching her voice.

Her daughter’s principal was her former biology teacher and favorite teacher. Her mind started racing. Diana loved having Mr. Foster as a teacher, and she liked to think they had a strong bond since he was always so nice to her. It greatly confused her that someone she liked was sending her daughter home so frequently. Didn’t he know Sophia was her daughter? What was going on?

Diana’s determination surged upon a sudden revelation, prompting her to swiftly take Sophia to the car and rush to the still-open school. She confronted the principal about Sophia’s repeated dismissals, but his evasiveness only heightened her frustration. As Diana persisted, the principal’s behavior shifted abruptly, alarming her further.

When she realized Sophia was missing, joining the principal in a frantic search, Diana’s worry intensified as they combed the school without success. Suddenly, the principal froze, whispering an expletive, drawing Diana’s attention to Sophia’s presence in the school square, accompanied by a mysterious man.

At first, all the worrying thoughts left Diana’s body. She could see her daughter was safe and still on the school grounds. But then her attention moved toward the man. Why was Sophia talking to a stranger?

Diana’s heart dropped as she realized it wasn’t a stranger. “That can’t be,” she suddenly exclaimed. Her voice broke halfway through the sentence, and her vision blurred as she hurried through the door. Although Diana could feel she was panicked, her mind was clear and focused on only one thing: she needed to get her daughter away from there, away from that man because Sophia was talking to her father and Diana’s ex, Ethan. He was a horrible person and an even more terrible father and husband. He was supposed to be in jail, so Diana didn’t understand what he was doing here.

“Sophia, get away, darling, come to mommy!” she yelled while trying to sound calm. The fence around the school ground separated Sophia and her father, but it didn’t make Diana any less uncomfortable. Sophia turned around when she heard her mother call out, and when Diana got close, she pulled her daughter away. She tried to hide her tears from Sophia, but then Ethan said something. “I want to see my daughter,” he said in a direct tone. It felt like a sword pierced Diana’s heart, and her breathing faltered.

She urged Sophia toward the school and turned toward her ex-husband. “You can’t,” she said, trying to sound convincing, but she was worried that he could. Before he could react, she turned around and hurried after her daughter, who was standing beside Mr. Foster at the entrance. He looked at her with a sympathetic expression and asked Diana and Sophia to follow him to his office.

Once there, Diana couldn’t hold it any longer and broke down. The sudden appearance of her ex pushed her over the edge, and it was hard for her to process the situation. Her mind was racing. “Why is he here? How can he be here?” she mumbled. She peeked through the blinds and started sobbing as she saw Ethan still standing outside.

The principal offered her some water and helped her calm down. Once Diana felt somewhat better, she started to explain. She told Mr. Foster that Ethan was a dangerous man and couldn’t be let near Sophia. “His appearance is a problem,” she said. But Diana wasn’t ready for the principal’s response.

“I know,” Mr. Foster said with a sigh. Diana didn’t expect this answer and was taken aback. She wiped away her tears and looked at him with a mix of confusion and surprise on her face. What did he mean? What did he know? And more importantly, how did he know?

“What do you mean?” Diana eventually asked when she found her voice. Since she set foot inside the school, she has been asking questions and getting little answers, but now her patience was running out. Her child’s safety was on the line. Mr. Foster looked outside and took a deep breath before explaining.

The principal knew Ethan and Diana had been a couple since leaving school. He knew this from the time he used to teach them both. Shortly after starting his work as principal at Sophia’s school, he heard parents talk about Diana’s and Ethan’s divorce and that Ethan had taken a wrong turn in life.

Mr. Foster had always liked Diana as a student and felt terrible for how her relationship with Ethan turned out. But to the principal’s

surprise, Ethan suddenly showed up at the school. He had heard Ethan was mixed up in bad things, so the principal couldn’t just sit idly by. Diana was listening breathlessly.

He didn’t know Ethan’s plans but knew they probably weren’t good for Sophia or Diana. So he decided to help out one of his favorite students. But the principal knew Diana was already in a tough spot with her ex-husband and didn’t want to give her more stress, so he acted on his own.

The principal kept a close eye on Sophia ever since he saw Ethan for the first time. “Did he come back?” Diana asked with a trembling voice. What did she miss? The principal nodded. “He came by frequently, and every time I saw him, I would send Sophia home early,” he said.

Diana’s mind was racing, and she was worried her ex-husband was visiting her daughter’s school, and she was walking home alone. That was asking for trouble. But it seemed like Mr. Foster knew what she was thinking. “I would personally drop her off near your house,” he stated.

But that wasn’t all he did. After a while, the police contacted Diana again. They told her they had built a case to get a restraining order. To strengthen the case, Diana asked Mr. Foster to be a witness. The principal accepted her request without hesitation, and partly due to his statement, the restraining order was given.

When Diana exited the courthouse, a wave of relief washed over her. Her ex-husband may be out of jail, but the restraining order meant that he couldn’t be around her or Sophia. They could live a stress-free life, and Sophia could enjoy going to school for full days again. Everything was looking up.

“I can’t thank you enough,” she said to Mr. Foster. But the principal was just happy that everything turned out all right. After that, the two of them stayed in touch and saw how Sophia flourished in school now that she didn’t have to go home early.

“I’m proud of you,” Diana said to her daughter. If this story touched you as much as it did us, you should watch this video: “Soldier boards plane, and man refuses to let her sit, then this happens.

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