Girl Lives In Rent House for 1 Month,Not Realizing 80 Years Has Past For Her, What Happened Next Shock Everyone

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“At the start of the movie, an old woman is seen crawling in her apartment, probably because her legs are too weak to stand up. Then, she ties a long rope to the table and throws the other end out of the window. It appears as if she hates the apartment so much that she is trying to escape it one way or another.

Despite her old age and fragile body, she somehow climbs outside and grabs the rope tightly. But just when she prepares to slide down, her hands slip, causing her to fall. It appears as if she has died, but when the camera pans to her, it is revealed that the rope has miraculously held onto her leg. The old lady tries to reach for the ground, but the rope pulls her upstairs back into her apartment. Then the windows shut forever. A few months later……..Read Full Story Here……….

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