This 66-Year-Old Woman Fell Pregnant, Then Something Very Shocking Happened In The Delivery Room

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A child is often seen as a blessing, but for many couples facing years of unsuccessful attempts at conception, the situation can feel like a curse.

This was the sentiment Devi harbored when she struggled to fulfill her husband’s desire for a child. Despite 44 years of marriage and two subsequent wives, she was unable to conceive. However, when she finally did become pregnant, the revelation in the delivery room left everyone astonished.

Born on May 21, 1944, in Medina, a village in the Indian District of Rohtak, Buteri Devi had been aware since childhood that her culture expected her to marry early and bear several children. At 18, her parents began introducing potential suitors. Devi, renowned for her beauty, attracted many interested men in the village. However, she was selective, finding faults in each prospective partner. As years passed, and her younger siblings got married, Devi remained…….Read Full Story Here.……..

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