Girl Picked Up a Dying Dog on the Road, but She Was So Shocked When It Later Did THIS to Her!

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“When this little girl found a dying dog on the side of the road, she immediately decided to help it. Little did she know just how shocked she would be when it later did this to her.

Mia was strolling down a seemingly ordinary road one day. However, not realizing that destiny had something extraordinary in store for her, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a small lump lying on the side of the road. The item piqued Mia’s curiosity as it looked quite fluffy, so she decided to go and investigate.

As she got closer, Mia noticed that the object was actually an animal. The frail creature was sprawled across the pavement, whimpering softly. It was then that Mia knew exactly what kind of animal the creature was – it was a dog.

Mia rushed to the dog’s side, her heart pounding with concern. Tears welled up in her eyes as she noticed its distressed state. It was clear that the animal had been severely injured. It was very likely that the canine was a stray and had gotten hit by a car while roaming the streets. It wasn’t uncommon to see stray dogs wandering around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, as it was a pretty common place for people to dump their animals due to it being quite a rural area, it was very clear to Mia that if no one intervened and quickly, the poor pooch wouldn’t survive much longer if his injuries were anything to go by.

Knowing that she was the only one who could help and that time was very much of the essence, Mia scooped up the ailing pup and rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic. All the while, she hoped that she hadn’t found the dog too late.

Finally, Mia burst through the doors of the veterinary clinic. She ran up to the receptionist who, upon noticing the injured dog in her arms, quickly called for assistance. A team of skilled veterinarians and technicians surrounded Mia and the ailing pup. As soon as they noticed just how injured the canine was, they quickly whisked him away to the examination room.

They carefully examined the dog, their faces filled with determination and compassion to save the poor animal. But after a thorough examination, they knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task to complete. The vets discovered that the dog had multiple internal and external injuries – a leg that was broken in multiple places, some of his internal organs were damaged, possible brain injuries, along with various scratches and open wounds. It definitely wasn’t looking good for the poor pup.

After telling Mia the extent of the pup’s injuries, the vets asked her if she was ready to pay for the surgeries. The other option was putting him down since the pup was in too much pain to be left without treatment. Mia had to ponder the options as she didn’t have a lot of money. The surgeries and medications were expected to be very costly. Besides, she wasn’t even sure surgery was the best option for the animal, as he was clearly in a lot of pain if all of his injuries were anything to go by.

As Mia went to visit the little canine though, to help her make up her mind, she noticed his tail wagging very slightly as soon as he recognized her. Seeing that the pup was happy to see her, Mia knew she had no choice. The fact that the dog showed signs of happiness and a will to survive made the young girl certain that surgery was the only option. She would have to find a way to pay for his surgeries and post-surgery treatment. It would be costly, but after talking it over with the vets, they agreed to a payment plan to help ease the burden. They also encouraged Mia to talk to some charities, as the dog was a stray – maybe they’d be able to help the young girl pay for a portion of the costs.

Once everything was sorted out, the surgery was scheduled. The medical team performed a thorough check during the procedure, focusing first on signs of internal bleeding and any other life-threatening symptoms. The entire time that the canine was in surgery, the young girl waited in the lobby. She knew that the pup wouldn’t be able to go home with her that day, as the vets would need to monitor him through the night to make sure that they didn’t miss anything.

But she needed to know the minute the surgery ended if her newfound pup would be okay. During this time, as a way to try and take her mind off the constant nerve-wracking thought that the dog might not survive, Mia decided to set up a GoFundMe to see if she would be able to raise any money to help her pay for the dog’s surgeries and medication. Amazingly, it didn’t take long for the GoFundMe to start picking up pace. At first, the young woman had only shared it with her friends and family, hoping that they would all chip in a little bit of money. However, one of her friends decided to share the page on her Instagram, which had over 10,000 followers. The post soon went viral, and Mia couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched the target amount of the GoFundMe be reached and then even surpassed. It seemed as if people were touched by the little story Mia had written about the dog, and they wanted to help in any way they could.

After a couple of hours and a lot of nervous waiting from Mia, one of the vets emerged from the surgery room and told the anxious young girl that while the dog wasn’t out of the woods completely yet, the surgery had been successful, and all internal bleeding had been stopped. The majority of his bones also looked okay. They were worried about his spine, but thankfully it was only a little bruised. So, with careful monitoring and keeping the pup on bed rest, it should heal up without any permanent damage. Soon enough, the little canine would be able to move around like a normal dog.

The only major issue left was the pup’s back left leg, which was broken in multiple places and barely hanging on. At first, the vets thought that they might be able to save the leg by pinning the bones back together and sewing the muscles and skin back up. Unfortunately, x-ray scans showed that there was more damage to the dog’s leg than they had originally assessed, and after a long discussion, all of the vets agreed that the best course of action was to amputate the leg.

Mia was distraught at this news, but seeing as it was the best for the dog’s health, she agreed to let the vets do the surgery to remove the leg. Knowing that there was nothing else that she could do, that evening Mia went home with the promise that the vets would call her once the surgery was complete.

The very next day, Mia returned to the veterinary clinic to check up on the dog, who she had decided to name Hercules. She wasn’t surprised to see he only had three legs, although she did find it slightly strange, as she had met him when he had had four. Nonetheless, she was happy that the surgery had been successful.

Mia happily greeted the pup, who was still sleepy from his anesthetic. But no matter how sleepy he was, the pup’s tail began wagging ever so slightly once again, indicating that he was happy to see Mia again. After checking in with the vets about Hercules and how his surgery had gone, Mia was surprised to learn that the vets had actually been able to identify the breed of dog that Hercules was. It turned out that the pup

was actually a golden retriever. Although he was still fairly young, being the start of spring, it was more likely than not that he had been a Christmas present for someone. But they had gotten bored with him, and so they had decided to throw him out onto the streets instead of getting him re-homed properly.

While Mia was furious at the type of people who would do such a cruel and inhumane thing, she was glad that she was able to find him, as she would never let him go now.

Days turned into weeks, and the journey became an emotional roller coaster. Mia visited the clinic every day, offering encouragement and love to Hercules and becoming the dog’s pillar of strength. The two began to form a very strong and special bond and soon came to know that neither of them would be able to leave the other ever again.

As the canine companion began to show signs of improvement, hope started to bloom in Mia’s heart. However, that soon turned to worry when the dog began to show signs of sickness. He began refusing to eat and drink and seemed to have an upset stomach, which indicated a severe type of bug had gotten into his system. Left untreated, the dog could die from dehydration. It didn’t help that the animal seemed to refuse any medication that the vets gave him either.

Mia didn’t let the setback deter her, though. She made sure to visit the dog daily, encouraging him to eat and drink and get his strength back so he could fight whatever illness he was suffering from. She also managed to persuade the pup to take his medicine so that he could get better.

With the young girl’s encouragement, Hercules started eating and drinking again. The bond between Mia and Hercules grew stronger with each passing day as they faced the difficult challenges of healing together. Mia often comforted and soothed the dog’s pain as best as she could, which resulted in seeing significant improvements in the animal’s health much quicker than the vets had originally thought.

Their unwavering commitment to each other became a beacon of hope in the midst of despair. However, the pair had yet to face one of Hercules’s biggest obstacles – learning to walk, run, and play on only three legs. The dog’s physical therapy started when he was clearly feeling better and was able to get up and walk around again.

At first, the canine didn’t know what to do now that he only had three legs. He was used to balancing his weight evenly on four legs, so the change was big. The animal’s first efforts were met with mixed results. While he was able to stand still quite easily, the moment he went to walk or run, Hercules would end up falling over into a heap on the ground. He seemed to forget that one of his back legs wasn’t there to support him anymore.

For a little while after that, it seemed as if Hercules fell into a bit of a depression. He seemed sad whenever Mia visited him and was incredibly nervous when he was expected to get up and walk. In fact, the dog was so terrified of falling over again that sometimes he would simply sit down and refuse to move until Mia came over to him.

Seeing that things weren’t going so well for the little dog, Mia began to coach him along. She was determined to help her new pup get back on his feet and act like a normal dog again. She had seen other dogs with only three legs running around and acting like nothing was out of the ordinary, so she had every faith that Hercules would be able to do that too with a little bit of time and patience to teach him.

To begin with, Mia took Hercules to a hydrotherapy class where the pup would be encouraged to walk on a treadmill underwater while his body was supported by a harness. The water held Hercules as it kept him upright and afloat, meaning that he was able to walk without worrying about falling over.

After a couple of weeks of this kind of therapy, Mia took things to the next step. She began to take Hercules out for walks. At first, she had to carry the pup to the field where he would sit on the grass and watch everything going on around him. But Mia wasn’t going to let him do that. She began using a harness which she held onto to help Hercules with his weight so that he wouldn’t fall over when he walked. Although the canine was hesitant at first, seeing that Mia was helping him and encouraging him to try walking again, Hercules decided to give it another go.

As he took his first steps, he realized quite quickly that he wouldn’t fall over so long as Mia was holding on to his harness. Happy at this fact, Hercules began to grow more confident. The more confident that Hercules got on his three legs, the quicker he started moving around, and the happier he seemed. Until one day, Mia let go of his harness completely. Without the pup even realizing what had happened, he darted off after a ball that Mia had thrown for him. By the time he realized she wasn’t holding his harness anymore, the dog had run across half of the field. Confident that he wasn’t going to fall again, Hercules darted back to Mia and began to wag his tail ecstatically. It was almost as if he was thanking the young woman for all of her help and patience to get him back on his feet again.

Mia’s unwavering determination and the dog’s unwavering spirit became a source of inspiration for everyone involved as they watched the once severely injured pup, who they were certain wouldn’t survive the night, slowly but surely heal into a loving young pup.

And then one fateful day, as Mia entered the clinic, she was met with the most incredible sight she could have ever imagined. The dog that was once on the brink of death that Mia had stumbled upon had made an extraordinary recovery. It bounded towards her, wagging its tail and showering her with wet, grateful kisses. Mia couldn’t believe her eyes. It was almost like nothing had happened to Hercules at all. She never would have guessed that he was severely injured not so long ago if it wasn’t for his missing leg.

Seeing that the dog was ready to leave the vets and finally able to go to a new loving home, Mia immediately decided to take him home with her. However, she never would have guessed what the dog would do to her later on.

Once Mia was at home, the heavens decided to open, and rain began pouring down in heavy sheets. Along with the rain came thunder and lightning – two things that Mia was terrified of. Unfortunately for the young girl, she suffered from severe panic attacks, which the storm was setting off. Mia quickly darted towards the closest small space she could find – a closet – and sat inside. In her hurry to try and find somewhere safe before her panic attack took complete control, Mia had left her closet door open slightly.

It was then that Hercules did something amazing. He made his way into the closet with Mia and quickly got into her personal space, licking her and calmly trying to get her attention. With the dog catching her attention, Mia found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and cuddling him. While doing this, the young girl realized that her panic was slowly subsiding, and her breathing was coming back to normal. And it was all thanks to Hercules. He had acted instinctually and done what normal therapy dogs take ages to learn – he had brought Mia back from her panic attack.

Amazed at her pup’s intelligence, Mia knew then and there that perhaps she could get Hercules trained as a proper therapy dog. After getting in contact with the correct people, it wasn’t long before Hercules was in training to become a therapy dog dedicated to providing comfort and support to those in need. Mia couldn’t help but be captivated by his unwavering loyalty and dedication to helping others. It was as if he had an innate understanding of the pain and suffering that people carried within them.

It didn’t take long before Hercules was declared a certified therapy dog, and he and Mia embarked on their journey together. Mia witnessed firsthand the profound impact her pup had on the lives of those they encountered – from children battling illness to veterans struggling with PTSD. The dog’s presence brought solace and a glimmer of hope to those who needed it the most. With each wag of his tail and each comforting nudge, he reminded Mia of the power of compassion and the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. And she couldn’t have been more grateful for finding the pup on the side of the road that fateful day.

In the midst of their own struggles, Mia and Hercules found solace in the knowledge that they were making a difference one wag at a time. Inspired by Hercules’s incredible transformation, Mia decided to share his story with the world. She started documenting their adventures together, and their heartwarming videos captured the attention of thousands, going viral overnight. As their online presence grew, Mia’s mission to spread compassion expanded. She began organizing events where people from all walks of life could interact with her remarkable canine companion. Through these interactions, this once forgotten dog helped heal countless hearts and brought joy to the lives of many.

As Mia’s events gained popularity, requests started pouring in from various organizations and communities asking Mia and her dog to visit and bring their special brand of healing and joy. Recognizing the potential to make an even greater difference, Mia decided to embark on a nationwide tour, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. With each stop, the duo touched the lives of countless individuals, leaving behind a trail of smiles and gratitude.

So there you have it, folks. What started as a chance encounter on a lonely road turned into a life-defining bond that has touched the hearts of thousands. Mia’s dedication and the dog’s incredible spirit remind us that every living being deserves love and care, no matter what obstacles they face. Remember, compassion knows no boundaries.

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