The Dog Kept Barking At Its Owner’s Coffin. Opening It, People Screamed In Horror!

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During a funeral, the dog kept barking at its owner’s coffin. After some hesitation, the people opened it and screamed in horror. The day of Officer Ethan Carter’s funeral dawned bright and cold, with steady rain falling as the group of mourners filed into the cemetery gates.

The man’s family, whom he hadn’t seen in almost 5 years, had arrived from California to New York that morning. They took their seats beside the coffin as Ethan’s fellow officers arrived on the scene. All of the officers were dressed in uniform, all except the large dog who walked beside them. The dog Max had been the fallen officer’s partner with the department, and after losing his companion, he was understandably devastated. The pair of them had gotten off to a rocky start, but within months, they had become inseparable. And now, the canine officer was heartbroken at the man’s unexpected passing during the interruption of a warehouse robbery. The officers took their…..Read Full Story Here………………..

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