Girl Sleeps With Elephant Every Night Until Vet Notices Why

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Dan stared at the vet, mouth agape. Every single possible scenario passed through his mind, but this didn’t even come close. He couldn’t believe it.

But when she started sleeping in the barn so she could be closer to it, he got concerned. And now that he knew the truth, he didn’t know what to think. Dan and his daughter, Lila, were thick as thieves. Since her mom died, they had become closer than ever before. And with a farm to run, their bond became unbreakable.

Even though they were together 24/7, the little four-year-old adored her dad. He was her world. And for a moment there, it seemed like that would never change. Dan and Lila lived on their elephant farm in Botswana. And since the location was so remote, Dan was being more than just a father; he was also her teacher and mentor. So, none of the farm had been in their family for generations, and he wanted his little girl to……Read Full Story Here.…………………

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