Man Dives Into Puddle After Hearing A Weird Sound – When He Doesn’t Return, Lifeguard Calls 911

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While enjoying a seemingly ordinary day at the local beach, Peter, a curious bystander, was startled by a bizarre sound emanating from a nearby puddle. Lifeguard Gary’s eyes widened as he watched a man dive headfirst into a hole in the ground.

He jumped up from his chair, ready to give the man CPR after he would have most likely hit his head on the rocks, but that wasn’t necessary. Gary almost couldn’t believe it, but the man actually disappeared into the hole. As he felt around in the water, he realized the man wasn’t within arm’s reach. Gary had no idea what he could possibly find underneath the water’s surface.

Was he really going to risk his life for a man who was probably already dead? Peter and his family would often go to the beach on hot summer days. His daughter loved to play in the sand, and his wife coincidentally loved lying on the beach to improve her tan. When Peter and his family arrived at the beach, they realized that their usual spot was very crowded, so they decided to……..Read Full Story Here…………………..

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