He Disgraced Her For Being Black. Two Hours Later, He Regretted it a Lot

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“This CEO with a racist attitude publicly disgraced a black young woman because of her skin color. Two hours later, he faced the shocking consequence of his actions. Michael Davidson, the CEO of Davidson Industries, had a meeting with potential clients that morning.

As he walked into the conference room with his usual swagger, everyone fell silent. They looked at him with respect and a little bit of fear. They all knew that Michael was an influential man, so they had to be on their best behavior.

The room was filled with different faces, all potential clients and business partners. They were there to compete for a major deal with Davidson Industries, one of the biggest trading companies in the city. Michael knew that the people in the room needed him more than he needed them. He felt he could treat them however he pleased. Sitting down at the……..Read Full Story Here…………

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