They Heard Cries During The Burial And Quickly Opened The Coffin, Then Something Unbelievable Happened

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The funeral was going normally until everyone started hearing strange cries coming from inside the coffin. When they finally opened it, something that no one believed was possible happened: Marcus stood at his wife’s funeral with his heart pounding like a drum in his chest.

He could not focus on anything, not even the solemn words of the priest. His mind was consumed by the agonizing reality that had shattered his world just the previous night.

While he and his pregnant wife, Seline, had dinner, they had talked about what they were looking forward to the most: the arrival of their unborn child, seven months on the way. They had spent the entire night coming up with the cutest baby names. Marcus had imagined their daughter to be a little version of his wife, with Seline’s bright eyes and infectious smile. But that dream would never come to pass because Seline and the baby had been cruelly snatched away from……Read Full Story Here……………..

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