He Seduces And Marries a Millionaire To Become Her Heir, But He Didn’t Ever Expect Her To Do THIS!

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A young man seduces a much older millionaire with one aim in mind: to become her heir and take over her fortune. But he never expected what she would do next.

Mark emerged from the shadows of the alley. He smoothed the immaculate crease of his cashmere trousers. The elderly woman he just helped across the street would be a few hundred lighter. Her designer purse was now discreetly tucked in his briefcase, but she’d never suspect him, not with his gentle smile and disarmingly sincere eyes. Mark prided himself on his appearance: the tailored suits, the subtle glint of his Rolex, and the practiced concern etched on his handsome face.

These were the tools of his trade. He wasn’t born Mark Lawson; the name itself was borrowed. He’d plucked it from a graveyard headstone during a past so-called business trip. His true beginnings were far less glamorous; his childhood was spent in trailer parks. Back then, he swore it would be different. He’d rise above the……..Read Full Story Here…………………….

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