I Am Looking for a Man Who We Have Kids With Me

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I want to be a mother. I have never been sure of anything as this my entire life. It has always been an innate desire of mine. I don’t know what I saw or who I saw being a mother that filled me with a great need to birth my own children and raise them in a good and happy home.

I believe motherhood is a calling. Some women go through it to fulfill social and family obligations. I have heard some women choose motherhood when they are tired of all the disappointments men keep serving them. They just say, “I will let a man impregnate me then I will go on and raise the child on my own.” I want to believe I, have been called to motherhood.

I believe mine is a calling because of this little need that finds me whenever I am thinking about my life and where it’s going. Left to me alone I would have had kids long ago but I am always unlucky when it comes to relationships. I am like one of those women who have been served plates of disappointments by men one too many times. Every time I meet…..Read Full Story Here.……………….

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