Restaurant Staff Refused To Serve Black Police Officer, Then He Returned The Next Day And Did THIS

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A restaurant staff refused to serve this black man at a diner. He returned to the restaurant the next day, and what he did shocked everyone who worked there. Joseph Baker had been in line for over 45 minutes, and now this very mannerless counter staff was telling him that she couldn’t serve him.

And no matter how many times he asked, she wouldn’t even tell him why. This was all very new to Baker. People rarely disobeyed him, and anywhere he went, he was always in charge.

So what the hell was happening here? Baker could now clearly see that his authority would have no weight here. The counter girl was very arrogant, but she was making a very big mistake because she didn’t know who Baker was. He couldn’t fault her for that as he wasn’t wearing his police uniform that day. He was secretly excited at the thought of him coming back tomorrow with his badge in full view. He normally didn’t like to flaunt his job as a police officer, but he could see that the girl needed to be…..Read Full Story Here……………..

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