Her Brother Was About To Be Buried But She Saw Something Alarming And STOPS The Funeral!

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“When a girl notices something alarming forming in the corners of her brother’s mouth as he lay in his casket, she stops the funeral cold. What unravels next is almost impossible to believe.

A cold wind whipped through the Bar Harbor Cemetery; the chill Maya felt was nothing compared to the emptiness in her heart. How could this be real? Just yesterday, Carl had been annoying her and teasing her. Now there was only this polished wooden box.

Mama was sobbing; this was a sound Maya had never heard before. Papa stood stiff as a statue, his hand clenching hers until his knuckles ached. The minister finished his final prayer as workers stepped forward to finish lowering the casket.

Maya gasped; a thin trickle of something bright yellow was seeping from the corner of Carl’s mouth. No! Maya’s scream sliced through the solemn air. Before anyone could react, she sprinted forward and launched herself toward the open grave. They had to stop; they couldn’t bury Carl until they knew what that yellow stain was. Maya’s hands clawed at the…….Read Full Story Here………………..

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