Single Dad Adopts Twin Boys. When He Sees Their Birth Certificates, He Screams Out Loud!

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A man feels like he missed out on the opportunity to have children, and he decides to become a single dad and adopt twin boys. His life is finally complete, but when he sees the twins’ birth certificates, he screams out loud.

Marcus ripped open the envelope. He made a promise to himself and the twins that he wouldn’t open this envelope unless absolutely necessary, but the temptation had become too much. Up until he’d obtained the birth certificates, he’d been more than happy to just accept the closed adoption for what it was. But ever since the envelope had been placed in his hands, he’d felt their pull. Now he had given in to temptation.

He slid the birth certificates out of the envelope and cast it to one side. As he scanned the first certificate, when his eyes landed on the parents’ names, a jolt of recognition shot through him. As he pieced together all the information, it became very clear who was on the birth certificate, and his past came rushing back to him. He screamed out loud and dropped the certificates on the…….Read Full Story Here…………………

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