He Slept With Another Woman On The Eve Of Our Wedding

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The day we fixed the date for our wedding, we made a resolution to stay off sex until our honeymoon. We had dated for two years and sx had been a staple in our relationship. We didn’t go a day without it at the beginning but a year later, we couldn’t go a week without it.

We could have it in the washroom or in the backyard because walking to the bedroom always felt like a journey of a thousand miles. We were not ready to take the first step.

He asked me, “Are you sure we can do it?” I answered, “It’s only five months. Let’s try. When we succeed, the night of our honeymoon is going to be a banger.” So, two weak souls started a journey they were not sure they would be able to complete. We made rules. I wasn’t going to visit his house. He could visit mine but we were not going to stay in the room. We would be where others are so we don’t get tempted. The wedding preparations itself got us busy. He was doing things with…….Read Full Story Here…………………….

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