Man Angrily Mocks Black Woman On Plane, But He Has No Idea Who Is Behind Him!

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On what should have been an ordinary flight from Barcelona to London, things took a drastic turn when Gail was mocked by a man because of her black skin. Things went out of hand, halting the flight. However, neither of them knew who the man behind them was.

That day, Gail and her daughter Jasmine stood beside each other as they were checked through security. They had their tickets in their hands as their luggage was run through the scanner. The moment they were cleared, they continued on with other passengers toward the plane that they were about to board.

They had arrived in Barcelona from Jamaica and were now preparing to board a connecting flight to London. Gail was happy about this because it meant that the first half of her trip was over and she would soon be home in London. She was looking forward to being in the comfort of her home again after all the time she’d been in Jamaica. Going back to their…….Read Full Story Here………….

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