Here’s What The Little Half Moon Under Our Fingernails Means

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“Here’s what the little Halfmoon under our fingernails mean: The human body is truly remarkable, and that’s in no small part because of its extreme complexity. However, it’s sometimes easy to take it for granted. Your body is constantly giving you all sorts of signs, and some of them you might not even know about.

Take the lunula, for example. These are the pale Halfmoon-shaped patches under our fingernails that most of us see and ignore every day. But did you know these features actually serve some very important purposes? You just might never look at your hands the same way again. Many of us are aware of the Halfmoon-shaped patches under our fingernails, but we never really give them much thought. After all, why would we? They’re just part of our nail beds, right? While they might be a……Read Full Story Here………..

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