Police thought disabled woman is a killer, they wheeled her to the judge and ‘she said these 5 chilling words’!

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As per the legal records, Asenka, a 50-year-old woman with a disability, is said to have been accused of committing murder, allegedly taking the life of her 75-year-old mother. During her court appearance, Asenka made a noteworthy request to the judge.

According to reports, she faced charges related to the homicide of her mother, who lived with her in their shared home. It is alleged that Asenka not only committed the act but also dug a grave for her mother in the backyard.

Arriving in a wheelchair, she made an unexpected request within the courtroom. In response to this incident, a bystander commented, “Grant her wish.” According to reports, the 50-year-old woman expressed, “I want the death penalty. Lethal injection, please. The court does not want me alive, and neither do I.” Allegedly, she had informed detectives that her mother, Carole, had subjected her to physical abuse over the years. During a…….Read Full Story Here…………

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