HOA Instructs Mom To Remove Wheelchair Ramp, Next Day She Finds This

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Angela and Garrett Holmes were taken aback when they received a letter from the Housing Association demanding the removal of Angela’s wheelchair ramp. They initially thought it was a mistake, but things took a more serious turn when the association put a lien on their house. The couple knew they had to take action to fight back against this unexpected demand.

For a decade, Angela, Garrett, and their young daughter Mary lived peacefully in their Matt Juliet residence with no issues from their community or housing association. However, on December 15th, 2017, a letter arrived that would rock their world. Throughout their 10-year stay, not one complaint was made against the Holmes. Even the wheelchair ramp built by Angela went unnoticed by fellow tenants in the apartment complex, who were happy to………Read Full Story Here.……………….

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