Miners Find Ancient Statue When They See The Text On The Side, They Make A Run For It

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Deep within an uncharted section of the mines, a team of miners stumbled upon an ancient statue hidden in the darkness for centuries. Intrigued by its intricate carvings and the aura of mystery surrounding it, they brushed off layers of dust to get a better look, revealing inscriptions on its side.

The moment the miners deciphered the faint, aged text, a sense of foreboding gripped them, prompting an instinctive unanimous decision to flee The Depths immediately. The uncharted section of the mine hadn’t been known at first. Jeffrey and his fellow miners had only been doing their jobs. They had no clue in what way the underground tunnels would give way. They had explicit orders on where to dig, but even the higher-ups hadn’t expected this to come from it. They had been drilling away when it seemed like the earth suddenly gave out at the……Read Full Story Here……………….

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