HOMELESS man asks restaurant for spare food, what happens next will shock you

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“Currently, altruism and generosity are virtues that are difficult to find in society. Most people focus on their interests and those of their loved ones, forgetting if there is someone who may be having a hard time and needs help. Luckily, there will always be someone capable of looking beyond himself and showing us all the true meaning of goodness.

It is often considered good practice for restaurants to give their leftover food to people in need at the end of the day. Most do not follow this practice, causing a lot of food to go to waste. However, there is one restaurant in central Arkansas that does, and it is causing an internet sensation because of the way they treat their diners, specifically those who have nothing to pay for their meal.

This is the restaurant Elur Street Food Co, a small but cozy restaurant specializing in Latin food that delights everyone who decides to walk through its door. But this story is not about the restaurant and its exquisite food, to which we could dedicate long pages of praise because it is perfect, but about what happened there during the………Read Full Story Here…………..

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