This Soldier Goes To Order Taco Bell Meal, Stops Cold When He Hears 2 Boys Behind Him

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A uniformed soldier was standing at the counter of a Taco Bell, ready to order his meal when he stopped cold. He’d overheard what two boys were saying and knew he needed to address them. As he did, another diner whipped out his phone to record the exchange, which left him and many viewers stunned.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rinson had no idea he was being watched, let alone recorded, when he went to a Taco Bell in Mobile, Alabama, to grab some dinner. Unbeknownst to the uniformed soldier, he’d captured the attention of Jason Gibson, a man who was sitting alone and eating his meal.Both Risden and Gibson quickly noted a couple of boys darting around the front of the restaurant. When Risdon overheard what the boys were up to, he wanted to ask the………Read Full Story Here.………

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