Homeless man saved drowning woman and took her to his hut. Then screams came from the house at night

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The life of Stephen Brown could hardly be called easy. By the age of 70, the old man had seen a lot. However, if someone had told Mr. Brown in his youth that in a few decades he’d lose everything, he would have laughed in their face and considered them crazy. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened. It all started with the fact that five years ago, Stefan Brown’s wife was seriously ill.

An examination conducted in a private clinic revealed alarming signs of a tumor. Unfortunately, the cancer turned out to be at a very advanced stage. By this time, the Browns had already had an adult son who’d recently gotten married. Of course, Stefan was willing to do anything to save his beloved. Hoping to help her, the man went to all ends, taking out loan after loan to pay for the expensive treatment. At one point, the desperate man even mortgaged his house and sold his old car. Unfortunately, despite all the sacrifices, Melissa Brown couldn’t be saved. She died just three days before her 60th birthday.

Needless to say, this came as a heavy blow to the unfortunate old man, especially since he didn’t lose just his beloved wife, but also the roof over his head. Of course, after the funeral of his mother, Floyd Brown asked his father to move in with him, letting him stay in a separate room on the second floor of the house. However, despite the seeming hospitality, the old man felt that his son’s proposal didn’t come from the heart and was more forced than sincere. Unfortunately, for reasons unclear to Mr. Brown, his daughter-in-law disliked him from the first minutes of his stay at their house.

At the same time, Darcy kept complaining to her husband, Floyd, who’d been addicted to alcohol for quite some time already. Of course, Mr. Brown tried to reason with his son and persistently repeated that alcohol wouldn’t bring him any good. “I’m already an adult father, so I can make my own decisions and deal with my own problems,” Floyd snapped, getting annoyed with his father for trying to reason with him. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown was right, and alcohol really played a fatal role in his son’s life.

Less than a month after that memorable conversation, after drinking yet another bottle of whiskey, Floyd decided to go to the liquor store to get one more. Being quite drunk, the man tried to cross the road in the wrong place and got under the wheels of a fast off-road vehicle driven by a young woman, Samantha Douglas. Samantha honked desperately and did her best to slow down, but she was driving too fast, and thus Floyd didn’t even have the slightest chance of surviving. When the paramedics arrived, they determined that Floyd had died instantly and didn’t even have time to feel anything.

As required by the law in cases of car accidents involving a pedestrian and leading to their death, a criminal case was initiated against Samantha Douglas. However, either the woman’s parents were some influential people, or the investigation really concluded that Floyd was to blame for what had happened, but Samantha Douglas got off with an impressive fine and revocation of her driver’s license for a period of one year.

But this was of little consolation to the devastated Mr. Brown, who lost both of the most important people in his life in such a short period of time. Moreover, the old man knew that after the death of his son, he would not last even two weeks in the house of his hostile daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown’s intuition was right. Darcy kicked out the old man three days after Floyd’s funeral when it became clear that they wouldn’t be able to get along under the same roof.

Therefore, Mr. Brown took a small canvas bag, packed his most important belongings in it, and after saying a dry goodbye to Darcy, left her house forever. Sadly, the old man wasn’t the least bit surprised that his daughter-in-law didn’t make any attempts to stop him. “Well, so now I have to live on the street like a real beggar,” Mr. Brown whispered with tears in his eyes, picking up the pace and shivering from the cold.

The fact was that the man didn’t just aimlessly wander around the city but went to a specific place he’d noticed a while ago. It was an abandoned mobile home which stood near the city square. Of course, it was probably all messed up and dirty, but Mr. Brown didn’t have much to choose from. The tires of the trailer had long been flat and seemed to have grown into the ground almost to the very axle.

The old man came closer and was surprised to see that there was a barely noticeable light inside the wreck of a house. “Does someone already live there?” the old man thought sadly. Mr. Brown was hoping to find a place to stay before it got dark, but now, having lost the option of staying at the mobile home, he didn’t feel like it was possible.

Then, when the old man sighed sadly and was about to leave, the trailer door opened, and a thin guy of about 25 with intelligent eyes and a good-natured, almost boyish face, appeared on the threshold. “Good evening, sir. Was there something you wanted? Would you like to come inside?” suggested the stranger and smiled openly. Mr. Brown thanked God that it was already getting dark outside, so the young man couldn’t see how red his face had turned. On the other hand, he understood that he had nowhere else to go, and therefore, he accepted the invitation and timidly stepped inside the trailer.

To his surprise, the mobile home turned out to be much larger than it seemed on the outside. It had several small rooms, a kitchen, and even a makeshift bathroom. As it turned out, the hospitable guy’s name was Chris Thompson, and he was actually the owner of this trailer home. It was only when Mr. Brown agreed to have a cup of tea that the guy told him his sad story. Chris was born homeless and ended up at an orphanage when he was little.

However, he ran away from it because he wanted to feel free. The last time he left the orphanage was seven years ago, and he’d been living on the street ever since. To the delight of Mr. Brown, Chris didn’t beg for alms, nor did he steal groceries from supermarkets. Instead, the young man collected cardboard and glass containers and brought them to recycling points for cash.

Moreover, he also worked as a loader in a warehouse of a hardware store. Sure, this job didn’t bring in a lot of money, but at least the young man always had enough cash for a piece of bread and a carton of milk. “I guess when you’re 25 years old and homeless, being able to earn at least that much money is already pretty good,” Chris remarked.

After Chris told Mr. Brown his story, the guest had no choice but to admit that he, too, was homeless. In response to this, the guy smiled and then offered, “Let’s live together. Why not? There’s enough space for both of us here, and surviving on the street would be much easier together.” Mr. Brown pretended to hesitate for a bit, but then he gladly accepted the young man’s offer. The old man really needed at least some sort of home where he could live out the rest of his days.

Thus, Mr. Brown and Chris divided up the chores, taking turns cooking dinner, taking out the trash, and cleaning the trailer. Meanwhile, Mr. Brown often caught himself thinking that he really liked this young, intelligent man. Chris turned out to be a smart guy who was very interested to talk about virtually anything in the world. In order not to be a burden to Chris, Mr. Brown got a job as a janitor at the local park located by the lake. Of course, he didn’t earn much at this job, but it was definitely better than nothing.

One day, having gotten off of work, Mr. Brown decided to take a walk by the lake and enjoy the cool evening. Suddenly, the old man heard someone soft-sigh a few yards away, which was followed almost immediately by a characteristic splash. Realizing that something terrible just happened, Mr. Brown hurried to the lake and saw rings rapidly diverging on the surface of the water.

Without hesitation, the old man immediately jumped into the water. Desperately diving to the bottom of the lake, Mr. Brown tried to find the person who most likely jumped into the lake in order to commit suicide. Fortunately, a few seconds after jumping into the water, the old man managed to grab someone’s hand and pull it towards him. At that moment, Mr. Brown gathered all his strength and swam towards the shore as fast as he could. Only when they were finally on dry land did the old man see that he’d saved a young woman who, instead of gratitude, condemned him for interfering with her plan.

“Why? Just tell me why did you have to save me? Why didn’t you just let me do what I want? I don’t want to live, do you hear me?” the young woman screamed through the tears. She was hysterical. At the same time, the voice of the stranger he had saved sounded very familiar to Mr. Brown, and only when the woman calmed down a little was the old man finally able to look at her face. “Oh my God, you’re Samantha Douglas, the same woman who killed my son in the car accident,” flashed through the old man’s brain. Now, Mr. Brown realized that the woman had probably recognized him too.

“Well, do you see now who you saved?” Samantha whispered and wept softly. Mr. Brown sighed sadly in response and put his arm around the woman’s shoulders. “Don’t cry, hear me? Tears can’t help you, you know that. Let’s go and drink some hot tea on a bench near my house, and on our way there, you can tell me about your problems,” the old man offered in a conciliatory tone.

To his great surprise, Samantha agreed and followed him silently. As it turned out, after that ill-fated car accident, the woman fell into a terrible depression, which was very difficult to get out of. On top of that, a month ago, Samantha lost her father to leukemia. However, those weren’t the only reasons why the woman was feeling so bad that she decided to end her own life. As it turned out, after the death of Samantha’s father, his competitors quickly decided to take over the Douglas family business. That was why the rich heiress, who was still trying to get over the accident she was in, had to hide from the ubiquitous business sharks who set their sights on her business.

“Well, dear, I see that your life definitely hasn’t been easy,” Mr. Brown said after listening to the young woman’s story. Meanwhile, the old man was most afraid of how Chris would react to having a new guest at his home. Fortunately, Chris didn’t just give Samantha a hearty welcome but also gave her the biggest room in the trailer. Of course, Chris understood that the woman wouldn’t stay there for a long time, and therefore, he gave her the complete freedom of action.

Thus, by the will of fate, three completely different people, each with their own sad story, ended up living together in one trailer. To the surprise of Mr. Brown, Samantha turned out to be great at housework. From her very first days in the trailer, she took over the kitchen and cooked some truly delicious meals from the most ordinary products. Now, when Chris and Mr. Brown returned home from work, they always had a fragrant dinner and a clean home waiting for them.

A month flew by. Having gotten out of her wealthy life, which she’d been living since her childhood, Samantha Douglas seemed to have finally come to her senses and turned into a cheerful, beautiful woman who made men’s heads turn. Of course, living side by side with the wealthy heiress, Chris couldn’t help but notice all the changes that had happened, both in her state of mind and appearance. Mr. Brown had repeatedly noticed how Chris and Samantha took walks at night and talked for hours on end.

“I don’t think I’d be mistaken to assume that those two are falling for each other,” the old man whispered with a smile. He was very pleased to realize that the young people found each other and felt good together. Mr. Brown knew from personal experience that there could be no barriers for true love.

Imagine the surprise of the old man when one morning, he saw people in expensive suits next to their modest home. As it turned out, it was the security service of the late businessman Charles Douglas. The thing was that the bodyguards arrived in order to inform the woman that the lawyers had solved all her problems with the competitors. This only meant one thing for Samantha: she could safely return home now and take over her late father’s firm.

But to the surprise of the bodyguards, Samantha flatly refused to go anywhere without Mr. Brown and Chris. “During the time that I spent here, these people have become my family, and so I won’t just leave them behind,” the newly minted business lady said. Of course, the bodyguards had no choice but to do as the woman ordered. Moreover, she ignored any objections from Chris and Mr. Brown, who were shocked by this turn of events.

And so, less than an hour later, the three roommates were already at the Douglas family country house. From that moment on, Chris and Mr. Brown were no longer homeless people forced to live in a shack on wheels. Of course, after everything that Chris and Samantha had been through together, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be long before they got married. Looking at the two lovebirds, Mr. Brown smiled sweetly and recalled the times when he experienced the same kind of feeling which made his heart sing at the time.

Nevertheless, the old man was sure that now he had a family of his own and that this family would always support him in difficult times.

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