Parents Abandon Their Sick Black Child. 20 Years Later They Hear A Knock On The Door

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“A couple named Dave and Vivian abandoned their sick black baby a few days after his birth, but 20 years later they heard a shocking knock on their door.

Vivian took one look at her baby boy after delivery and almost had a heart attack. “What is this?” she screamed at the nurses, who promptly took away the baby from her.

The medics tried their very best to explain to Vivien that her baby was born with a condition known as Tracher Collins syndrome. The rare birth defect affects only about 150,000 newborn babies and causes facial anomalies.

The nurses made considerable efforts trying to reassure Vivien that the defects did not affect the baby’s mental abilities in any way, but the still-stunned-looking Vivian wasn’t really listening to all the medics’ explanations.

When her husband Dave burst into the room, he was smiling from ear to ear, clearly excited and eager to see his new baby. But Dave’s instincts told him that something was wrong immediately he entered the room and noticed the saddened expression on his wife’s face.

“Is something wrong?” Dave, looking at his wife worriedly, asked no one in particular. Vivian didn’t respond; she only pointed in the direction of the baby’s crib, where the medics had laid the newborn baby.

Dave got the message at once, so he promptly stormed over to the baby’s crib. When Dave got to the crib, he bent down, glanced at his newborn baby, and sharply turned away. Dave, stunned beyond words, didn’t utter a single word after that; he just quickly stormed out of the room in sheer anger and confusion.

However, just 3 days later, Dave was back at the hospital to take his wife and baby home. Vivian wrapped up the newborn baby in a blanket and placed her inside a baby basket, then she carried the basket into the back seat of Dave’s small car.

Dave settled all the hospital bills, then he promptly drove away with his wife and baby. It was already late in the evening when the couple left the hospital with their newborn baby. Once he hit the road, Dave didn’t waste time before he bluntly told Vivien about his plans.

According to Dave, there was no way he was going to keep that alien-looking baby; they were simply going to get rid of him right away. Vivien agreed to her husband’s plans at once.

How were they going to explain to their legion of friends and relatives that they gave birth to such a monster, Vivian thought to herself. The couple then started making plans in earnest on how to dispose of the baby.

At last, they both agreed to drive around the busy city for a while until it got darker, then they would look for an orphanage somewhere and dump the baby at the entrance. The couple planned to drive straight to their hometown, which was about a 3-hour drive from the city, once they had gotten rid of the baby.

As for all their relatives, neighbors, and friends back home who were all eagerly awaiting their arrival with the baby, the couple decided to simply lie to them and tell them that the baby had died during childbirth.

Dave casually drove around the ever-busy city for about an hour; then when it got darker, the couple kicked their plans into motion. They desperately started looking for an orphanage. The search took the couple around 2 hours, but at last, they found one orphanage in an isolated part of the city.

They drove around the orphanage for a while, gauging the security level of the place. To their sheer relief, they discovered that the security was so lax; there was not even a single security guard outside the gate in sight.

“This place will do just fine,” Dave said to Vivian, who just nodded her agreement. Dave then parked his car a few distances from the orphanage gate. He waited for a few minutes, carefully watching the entrance gate; then Dave suddenly grabbed the baby basket with the newborn baby lying inside and sprinted to the orphanage’s entrance.

When he got to the entrance gate, Dave quickly dropped the baby basket there and dashed back to the car. He then quickly zoomed off at a breakneck speed.

Early the following morning, Monica, one of the nurses on duty, went outside to buy her favorite pack of cigarettes, so she headed towards the gate. But as soon as Monica neared the gate, she suddenly heard the unmistakable cries of a baby.

She wasn’t that surprised; people regularly dropped their unwanted child under cover of night; it had happened quite a few times in the decade she had been working at the orphanage. It didn’t take long before Monica found the baby basket and flashed her torchlight into it.

But she was not expecting what she saw, and she screamed out in horror, “Is that a monster, alien, or both?” Throughout her service at the orphanage, Monica had herself picked up dozens of abandoned babies at the orphanage entrance, but she had never seen a baby like this before.

To Monica, the baby didn’t even look human at all. But despite her utter shock at the baby’s appearance, she knew he had a job to do. So she picked up the baby basket and headed straight into the orphanage.

When Monica got the baby boy still lying in the basket into the orphanage, none of the other nurses on duty agreed to touch him; they were all horrified of his odd appearance. There was only one kind-hearted old nurse named Emelyn who took the baby from Monica.

Emelyn first thoroughly examined the baby’s body for any visible signs of injury. When she found no such signs on the baby, she proceeded to wash the baby, then she fed him with warm milk, laid him inside a crib, and wrapped him up in clean warm blankets.

The well-fed and washed baby boy was soon happily asleep. Over the following weeks, the baby was well taken care of at the orphanage. Mrs. Simpson, the orphanage’s matron, even named the baby Josh after her late father and took a liking to him.

The name stuck with the baby boy. The weeks turned into months, and the months into years, and Josh grew up in the orphanage. Mrs. Simpson, who was very fond of Josh, tried everything within her powers to make sure that he was well looked after at the orphanage.

But it was not all a bed of roses for Josh at the orphanage. Over time, it soon became quite apparent to the little boy that he was alienated by other kids at the orphanage because of his appearance. Most, if not all, of the kids at the orphanage avoided Josh like a plague; none of the kids ever seemed willing to want to play with Josh.

The kids basically ostracized Josh and treated him like an outsider. The older ones constantly bullied the little boy and called him ugly names like monster, alien, among others. So Josh was always lonely and would often be found playing alone.

He only found solace in the fact that Mrs. Simpson, whom he saw as a mother figure, was very fond of him and showered him with attention and gifts. Worse off for Josh was the fact that he had to watch as all the other kids got adopted one after another, while no one seemed to ever want to adopt him.

This bitter experience caused

Josh to always feel unloved, unworthy, and hopeless. He would cry himself to sleep most nights, praying for a kind couple to come adopt him.

But luck finally smiled on Josh when he was five. A childish woman named Mary visited the orphanage one particular afternoon to spend some time with the kids, and something melted inside her the moment she saw Josh.

The kind-hearted woman gloomily wondered why an innocent baby should be born with such a terrible birth defect. Mary was the wife of a millionaire husband named Charles Thompson, who was the CEO of one of the biggest Tech startup firms in the country.

The couple were both still very much in love with each other even after 9 years of marriage. The couple lived happily and in perfect harmony; they were wealthy and renowned philanthropists who were highly regarded in the city by all and sundry.

But something was missing; they needed a child of their own to complete their happiness. Mary took some pictures of Josh before she left the orphanage. She showed her husband the touching pictures of the little boy that night, and he also felt pity for him.

Then over the following couple of days, Mary tried her very best to convince her husband that they should adopt Josh. At first, Charles wasn’t so keen on adopting Josh; he tried reasoning with his wife that perhaps they should only pay for plastic surgery to correct the boy’s anomalous face.

But Mary was adamant; she wanted the little innocent helpless boy as her own child. Charles finally relented and gave into Mary’s demands. Anything that would see his beloved wife happy was okay with him, Charles thought to himself.

The Thompsons soon kickstarted the formal adoption process to adopt Josh. With their fame, connection, and influence, the adoption process was quite a smooth and easy one for the couple, and barely a month later, Mary and Charles were Josh’s legal parents.

Mrs. Simpson was overwhelmed with joy that her beloved Josh was lucky enough to be adopted by such a kind-hearted and affluent couple. Josh, on his part, was elated as well. He didn’t care about the couple’s social status; all that he cared about was that they had chosen him.

He was finally going to have a family; he was finally leaving the hell of an orphanage and all his bullies for good, and that was all that mattered to him. Life for Josh and the Thompsons’ opulent mansion was a far cry from the life he was used to at the orphanage.

To Josh, it was like he had been suddenly picked up from hell and sent right into paradise, and he savored every second of his new happy life. Mary started doting on Josh like her own biological son right from day one. As for Charles, it didn’t take long before he completely fell in love with Josh, who was such a sweet, cheerful kid and generally fun to be with.

With enormous wealth at their disposal, the couple made sure that Josh never lacked anything while growing up. They took him to all the fun-catching places that other kids only dreamt of. The couple consulted with some renowned plastic surgeons about the possibility of surgically correcting Joshua’s facial defects.

The expert team of surgeons examined Josh and advised the couple to wait till he was at least 10 before the planned plastic surgery to avoid any complications. Meanwhile, Josh grew into a well-disciplined and brilliant boy who excelled in school, much to his adoptive parents’ joy and pride.

He was simply the kind of child that every parent prayed to have. The family was a textbook example of a happy small family. When Josh clocked 10, his foster parents took him to the best plastic surgeon in the country for the planned plastic surgery to correct his facial anomaly.

The surgery was quite an expensive one, and it cost a couple of whopping $550,000, but they were more than willing to do anything for their beloved child no matter the cost. The surgery turned out to be a hugely successful one.

Josh’s appearance literally changed overnight after the surgery, and he became almost unrecognizable. The very moment that Josh returned back home with his foster parents after the surgery, he quickly dashed over to a full-sized mirror in his room.

Josh stood in front of the mirror for a long while, feeling his face with his hands and staring at the reflection of his overly changed face. When he finally turned away from the mirror, Josh saw Mary and Charles both standing by a corner of the room, smiling ever so warmly at him.

Josh flew at his parents at once and embraced them tightly, then he burst into tears of joy. The couple both consoled Josh and patted down his hair while professing their undying love for him.

It was such an emotional scene to say the least. Over the years, Josh grew into a handsome, tall boy. As he grew, he developed an extremely close bond with his parents. Josh simply loved and cherished Mary and Charles just like they loved and cherished him too.

The years flew past, and Josh graduated from high school top of his class. Aged 19, he had just secured admission to study medicine and surgery at one of the most prestigious colleges in the city when tragedy struck.

Mary and Charles were on their way to a children’s charity fundraising event when a speeding truck rammed into their SUV. The couple died on the spot. To say that Josh was devastated when he heard the shocking news of his beloved parents’ death would be an understatement.

He simply felt like dying. Josh locked himself indoors for days and cried himself to sleep. Josh felt absolutely broken and shattered like he had just lost a piece of himself.

The couple’s relatives arranged their burial, and barely a week after their death, Mary and Charles were buried side by side. Three days later, the couple’s lawyer named Dan visited Josh. He warmly greeted Josh, and after a few words of commiseration, Dan promptly proceeded to read the late couple’s will to Josh.

In their will, Mary and Charles had bequeathed all their wealth and estates to their only beloved adopted son. Josh was stunned beyond belief after Dan had finished reading out the will to him. Who would have ever believed that the once abandoned baby boy would become a multi-millionaire in the blink of an eye, barely 19 years later?

Josh hired a renowned management firm to manage his late parents’ estates on his behalf while he continued with his schooling. With the death of his beloved parents, Josh’s longing to meet his biological parents started growing ever stronger in his heart, almost to the point of bursting open.

So barely a year after his adoptive parents’ demise, Josh hired the best private investigator in the city to track down his biological parents. The private investigator named Mike took a sample of Josh’s DNA and went to work immediately.

After just 2 months of the most meticulous search through police and hospitals’ databases, Mike successfully tracked down Josh’s biological parents. A paid insider that Mike had inside the police department had matched Josh’s DNA sample through the police national DNA database, and the sample perfectly matched that of Dave, who had once been arrested for alleged assault of a coworker.

Josh didn’t know how to take the news when Mike conclusively told him the names of his biological parents. He was excited yet nervous at the same time. Josh was finally going to meet his biological parents for the first time. He didn’t

really know what to expect, so he braced himself up for the moment.

Vivian and Dave were sitting down for a meager lunch one Sunday afternoon, almost 20 years after they had abandoned Josh, when they heard a knock. The frail-looking Dave slowly stood up from the dining table to answer the knock.

When he got to the door, he opened it, and standing right there was Josh. The two men awkwardly stared at each other for a while until Josh gently said, “Father,” when he sensed that Dave didn’t recognize him, obviously due to his plastic surgery.

Dave almost had a heart attack; he just unconsciously stepped out of the way for Josh to come into the room while he still stared at him with his mouth agape. Josh slowly stepped into the small, squalid room, but instead of sitting down, he chose to remain standing.

He only regained his composure when Vivian’s voice rang out from the dining table, “Is everything okay, Dave? Who’s at the door with you?” “Our son,” Dave shouted back at his wife.

Vivien came rushing into the room at once and stood staring at Josh like someone who had just seen a ghost. Dave soon came closer to his wife and joined her in perplexingly staring at Josh.

The couple were both shocked beyond belief at Josh’s changed appearance; the facial anomaly that was the very reason why they had abandoned him was completely gone.

Josh glanced around the room and gently shuddered at its squalor; the house was a rundown apartment in a poor suburb on the outskirts of the city. Finally standing before his parents, Josh couldn’t believe his eyes.

“So these are the parents who abandoned me,” Josh thought to himself as he stared at them. He hadn’t quite realized it until now, but he had nurtured so much pent-up anger inside him all these years.

Josh had kept them all locked up inside, waiting for this moment to pour them all out, but now he couldn’t even find the words to speak; tears flowed freely from his eyes.

Vivian then suddenly fell on her knees and started pleading for Josh’s forgiveness while sobbing bitterly. Dave soon joined his wife in pleading for their son’s forgiveness.

Why Josh could only ask, “How could you have done that to your own flesh and blood?” In between sobs, Vivien told Josh that they were really sorry for what they did to him and that they deeply regretted it.

According to Vivien, she believed that they had suffered enough karma in the last 20 years for their evil deed already. Vivien then went on to tell Josh how they had been hit by one misfortune after another since they abandoned him.

She revealed to him that they had both lost their jobs within a span of a year and that they had been feeding from hand to mouth ever since. The couple had also been childless ever since they abandoned Josh; worse off, Dave had been diagnosed with early-stage liver failure, but they were penniless to even afford the treatments; hence, he was slowly dying.

The room was beginning to suffocate Josh, so without uttering a single word to his biological parents, Josh sharply turned away and stormed out of the room, wiping his eyes with his palms.

He left the door wide open on his way out; both Vivian and Dave watched with deep regret and grief from the open door as a chauffeur opened the door of a Ford Escalade for their son Josh to step inside a quite expensive car, and his chauffeur drove them off at once.

Vivien completely collapsed on the floor with shock, crying profusely, as Josh’s car drove off, while Dave tried to console her, trying very hard to hold back his own tears.”

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