If You Spot A Coke With Yellow Cap, Here’s What It Means

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From Kansas to Kashmir, you’ll recognize Coca-Cola everywhere. The iconic red and white color scheme tells you exactly what you’re getting, no matter what continent you’re on. But when you’re back home and at your local corner store, some Coke bottles may look a little different. Those yellow hats? They weren’t there before.

However, far from being some kind of mistake, these unique bottles actually convey a special message to consumers, and only those in the know are even aware of it. But before we start, smash the like button and make sure to subscribe if you haven’t. There are already different colored caps on Coke bottles, so what makes these yellow ones so unique? Well, usually, the caps tell you what flavor the drink is—beige for vanilla, for example. But that’s not the case with the bright yellow ones. Additionally, these special bottles are…..Read Full Story Here……………….

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