Doctors Thought She Had a Tumor in Her Abdomen, But When She Was Born They Were So Shocked To See

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“They thought that baby Joy had a little tumor in her newborn belly, but when they went further to investigate, they found something horrifying. The car rocked viciously from side to side as Michael sped through the traffic; his wife Suzanna was in the back, screaming in agony.

She had gone into premature labor and was sure that there was something wrong. They needed to get to the hospital as quickly as they could.

As Michael rushed her into the emergency room at the hospital, he tried to rattle off all the information they needed to know about his wife. Suzanna could hardly speak at this point; the pain of labor was just too much. The doctors took one look at her and knew they needed to get her into an operating room as fast as possible; her blood pressure was far too high, and the baby was starting to show signs of distress. While washing his hands with……Read Full Story Here…………………

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