Pope Kissed Baby on Her Head. 6 Weeks Later, Parents Discovered Something Very Frightening

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The Marcia Antonio family’s life changed forever after their baby daughter met Pope Francis in Philadelphia in a chance encounter that led to a miraculous outcome they could never have imagined. Joey and Kristen Macciantonio were born and raised in devout Catholic families.

They grew up attending church every Sunday and learning the values of Faith, love, and kindness. Their shared Faith brought them together, and they fell in love with each other’s Devotion to God. They knew from the very beginning that their fate would play a central role in their lives, and they made a commitment to raise their future family in the same tradition. When they discovered that their precious daughter was battling a rare blood disorder and a tumor, their faith didn’t waver. They remained hopeful that God would answer their…….Read Full Story Here………………..

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