It Was Only My Husband Who Knew There Was Powers In My Waist Beads After Discovering

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 I was silent on the beads in my first story because I thought it wasn’t important. I wasn’t privy to the stories of beads being used for Juju so it didn’t click that it could be a source of anything. Paapa proposed to me before he held my waist and to know about my beads.

So to me, the beads weren’t anything. When he mentioned it during our time of dating, I took it as a joke because Paapa was a man of many jokes. He could make a joke out of everything, including his own life.  I remember on our wedding day when the pastor called the church elders to come and pray for us, he tapped me and pointed at the feet of one of the elders.

He didn’t say anything but I got the message. I burst out laughing. After the prayers, he told me, “When an elder wears this kind of shoe and prays for you, you don’t have to worry. Your marriage will go through wear and tear and still survive, just like his shoes.” The world was a joke to him so most of the things he said or did, I didn’t take them seriously. To me, they were part of his jokes. So those who wanted to know where I got the beads from, this is the story of the beads. 

The beads are a combination of different colours of beads. I’m very poor at combining colours but I love colours. I saw the combination on Ewurama when I spent a night in her house. I loved it immediately I saw it and asked if she could get some for me. She obliged but never had the time to get them for me. One day, we went to the market together and she remembered about the beads. She held my hand to the woman who sold hers to her. It wasn’t already made bead.

They were in a pack so I bought the various colours, brought it home and put them together myself. They were my own creation. I don’t have magic so I couldn’t have put magic in them but when my attention was drawn to it, I called Ewurama and asked about it. She already knew about the story of my divorce but she didn’t know the details.

That day, I told her everything and she laughed. She said, “Let’s just say he regretted marrying you and decided to get out of it with any excuse he could hang on. Some men can be very crazy.” I told her, “But from what I gathered, beads can be used to enchant men. Don’t you think the woman put something in it before she sold them to us?” She laughed.

She said, “These were beads you put together yourself. They were new, remember?” If indeed my beads had such juju in them, then the first guy who touched them should have married me and not Paapa. So those who wanted to know the history of my beads, there you have it. I made them myself. Beads of many colours because I loved the colour combination.

It had nothing and nothing had it, I want to believe. When my marriage ended, I kept quiet about the reason why it ended. It was embarrassing for me to talk about it to people so I kept quiet. Again, I didn’t want people to pity me and give me the motivation I didn’t need. It was ok. My heart was broken. The only thing I needed was healing which I knew would come with time.

Paapa didn’t keep quiet. He will tell everyone that I used juju on him. His friends also went around telling other people that I used juju on their friend. A couple of weeks later, the news spread everywhere that I was so desperate for a husband that I resorted to magic to get one. “Have you forgotten how quickly they got married? Do you think it was normal?” They added.

Healing was taken so long so I decided to leave town. Apart from the embarrassment they were causing me, they were also giving me a bad name so prospective suitors could shy away from me. What man in his right senses would approach me after knowing how my first marriage ended? I decided to travel out of town and leave the gossip and embarrassment behind me.

I applied for a transfer. They didn’t want to give me but our HR was a lady. I went to her house and told her everything; “If I stay here, I’ll never heal. The shame is too much. I’m not just seeking for transfer. I’m running away from my past. Please help me.” A month later, I got my letter and left town silently.  The first person who called and asked of me was my ex-husband.

I haven’t seen you around for quite some time now I hope everything is alright?” I answered respectfully, kindly, “I’m alright. Thanks a lot for asking.” He said, “I only wanted to check on you to see if you’re alright.” I added, “You can feel from my voice that I’m in a high spirit. Again, thank you.”  I was waiting for the reason he called but that reason never came. He was only checking up on me.” I called my mom and warned her never to tell anybody my whereabouts, not even my friends.

I needed peace of mind. I needed to forget my past battle and the shame they put me through. I was looking for an escape and wouldn’t allow anything to spoil it for me. Healing was slow but work was good. It felt good to meet new people who didn’t know about my past and were willing to embrace me. I made new friends and met a lot of men who were good to me. They came and they left but one of them kept coming back. Arnold. He would take me out and bring me back home.

He’ll call when he gets home to tell me he was home. The next morning, he’ll greet me through a text message, “Good morning sunshine, arise and shine because the world needs you.” I will respond, “I’m already up long ago.” He’ll text back, “So why don’t I see you in the sky?”  I realized he liked me so I opened up to him about my life. I told him I was once married and he was shocked. He asked if I had a child and I said no. I told him my marriage lasted for only seven months and he opened his mouth wide. He asked what happened and I told him about the beads.

For several seconds, he couldn’t close his mouth. His mouth was wide open until it slowly closed up to form an ‘O’ shape. He took me home like he always did but he got home and didn’t call me. I woke up the next morning to no text message. I waited until midday before I called him. He didn’t pick up. He texted later to tell me he was busy.

From there, it was one excuse after the other until I got the message. I was no longer his sunshine because the skies were cloudy. I’d gone through the worst so his departure didn’t affect me. I didn’t even think I needed closure. I moved on as if nothing has happened. Out of the blue, Paapa called. Again, it was all about “How are you” and “What have you been up to?” I know how to disrespect people but not someone I once married.

Respectfully, I answered every question he asked me. I didn’t ask him any questions but he started giving me answers; “Hmmm life is tough. It’s not easy ooo Uriel. I’ve come to a point where I have to accept that my life is being remote-controlled. Everybody will do it and it will work but immediately I touch it, it turns to dust. It’s not ordinary. Something is after me.” “Pray. Prayer works,” I said, “or if you’re feeling lazy to do it, look for a man of God to help you. I don’t know what is it that you’re going through but I know prayer will do.” He didn’t say a lot again until he hang up the call.

I called my mom immediately to ask what was going on. She said she wasn’t aware of what was going on but she’ll dive and bring me the news. A few days later he called. She had talked to the friends she made in Paapa’s family and they had given her the gist. 

After our marriage collapsed, his mother gave him a woman. The woman stole his money and ran away with it. He fell in love with his sister’s friend but that girl also got pregnant for her boyfriend. It turned into a huge dispute and even curses were exchanged. Paapa wanted to claim the child but the lady confessed it was for another man, hence the curses.

According to my mom, the woman she spoke to told her that our divorce was a manipulation and she believes Paapa’s mother had a hand in it.  “Don’t ever pick up his calls again,” my mom said, “his family is evil. They don’t want good things to happen to their child.” As to whether what my mom heard was true or not, I didn’t investigate it. It could be a lie or it could be the truth but who was I to judge? Paapa called again. He was talking about his life and how things had been bad for him ever since our divorce.

I asked him, “Look at the face of God and tell me the truth, You believe in your heart that I used my beads to marry you?” He answered, “Uriel, trust me, I don’t know what the truth is any longer. I woke up one day and it felt like I didn’t know you. I was told I was married before I could remember I was indeed married. I’m being manipulated but you won’t believe me.” “The answer is prayer, I’ve told you.” “I’ve met a man of God and he’s helping me.

That’s good but what do you want from me?” “I don’t know but I felt you would understand me.” After that conversation, I did what my mom asked me to do.  A few months later, I met Gyamfi. The day he proposed to me I told him, “Not too fast. Do you know I’ve been married before?” He was shocked. He asked if I had a child and I said no. I told him my marriage lasted for only seven months and he opened his mouth wide. He asked what happened and I told him about the beads.

For several seconds, he couldn’t close his mouth. His mouth was wide open until it slowly closed up to form an ‘O’ shape. He said, “Tell me you’re lying.” I answered, “That’s my story.” The next day when he took so long to contact me, I felt that was the end but he called in the evening and asked me out again.

He told me, “I’m glad he left you so someone like me will have a chance. If you say yes to me, we will marry as soon as possible.” I said yes but asked him to take his time because good things usually take time We are still dating. Age no longer matters. He’s not that young either. Everything shows we are getting married. His people know my name and have accepted me.

My people too. His mom sees me and tells me to hurry up and give her grandkids but we are not in a hurry. It will happen when it should.  Maybe, the shock of the past is holding me back. It’s the reason I no longer wear waist beads. It’s the reason I’m not running with this one. I’ve learned to take my time and learn because whatever would be would be, whether good or bad.

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