Werewolf Boy Was Taunted by Kids And Thrown Stones at for His Appearance – Now 17, He Looks ‘Handsome

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A woman from India and her family were left shocked when they saw her baby for the first time. The baby boy was born strikingly different as he had the werewolf syndrome.

Parvati Patidar was featured in a Born Different Facebook clip where she told the story of her son, Lit Patidar. Parvatibai recalled seeing Lit for the first time 30 minutes after his birth in Madhya Pradesh, India. Lit’s condition caused excessive hair growth.

At birth, he was covered with long hair all over his body, especially his legs and around his eyes, nose, and ears. The boy’s father, Bankat Lala Patidar, shared how the nurse reacted when she first saw their son. The medical professional was startled by the child’s looks as she had seemingly never experienced such a condition. She rushed to get a doctor and asked him what was wrong with the boy. However, the doctor was calm and asked everyone not to worry.

Ultimately, Lit’s family had to learn about and understand his condition, but he still experienced unwelcome reactions from others who feared what they didn’t understand. The doctor who examined Lit said he was fine despite his strange look. Parvatibai recalled how the medical professional didn’t do anything drastic to her son except shave him. The mother also noted how her son’s body hair didn’t grow shorter or longer with each shave. And when people curiously asked the Patidars what was wrong with their child, Parvatibai told them the boy had a congenital disability.

A teacher, Babulal Makana, spoke about the boy’s condition, revealing they’d tried different treatments to cure the child to no avail. They resorted to cutting Lit’s hair occasionally, but it grew back without fail. The teacher, who had Lit in his class for years, described the boy then 13 as nice, intelligent, good at his schoolwork, and a little naughty, something his father can attest to. While Lit is now accustomed to his unique appearance, he innocently confessed that he wished his hair would disappear because it got into his eyes and nose, making it difficult for him to breathe. And when he tried eating, the hair around his mouth would get in the way too.

Dilip, Lit’s friend, admitted he was shocked and scared when he first met him. However, Dilip’s grandmother advocated for Lit, telling her grandchild not to fear him because he was like everyone else. Dilip’s fear went away, and he and Lit became friends. Nonetheless, he disclosed that when they walked together, other children mocked Lit, with some going as far as calling him a monkey and throwing stones at him.

When Babulal caught wind of what was happening, he scolded his class for bullying Lit and taught them not to make fun of others. Although the teasing stopped and the kids played together, Lit still wished he did not have so much hair. What started his teasing soon turned into full-blown friendships, with Parvati’s son beaming when he revealed that he had made really good friends.

In a way, Lit made light of his condition by trying to scare other children who would shout, “Ghost! Ghost!” He would then say he would eat them, and they’d run away. His father also found it amusing how mischievous Lit was, admitting that the youngster sometimes loved pranking his friends. In trying to explain Lit’s condition, Parvatibai shared how some people believed her son was a reincarnation of the god Hanuman. While she did not accept or deny the belief, all she knew to be true was that he was her child.

So far, no permanent cure has been found for Lit’s condition, but some hair removal methods help him manage it. Doctors thought by the time the boy was 15 or 16, he would go through changes because of hormones. They advised his parents to consider surgery if the changes weren’t positive. Lit had other plans. If no changes were forthcoming by the time he turned 20, he envisioned shaving his hair off to look like everyone else. But by 17, things were already beginning to change. By November 2022, Lit was 17, and his facial hair was shorter and seemed lighter in color.

Despite being bullied by other people who didn’t know him well, he still made a selfless vow to always be happy and keep others happy. Although Lit’s condition is described as extremely rare and believed to be found in around 50 people since the Middle Ages, it does not deter him from living a full life. He has dreams like everyone else and wants to become a successful YouTuber.

He has already started creating videos and blogging. The teenager, who hails from the small village of Nand Leteta in Piploda, India, explained that he came from an ordinary background, with his father working as a farmer. He had a normal childhood, and when he wasn’t at school, he helped his father with farming.

After being shaved at birth, Lit only knew he was different at 6 or 7 when he realized other people didn’t have hair growing all over their bodies. Lit, who’d never heard of the condition nor knew anyone in his family history with it, didn’t believe a cure would be found, but he was content with himself and realized he was unique. Today, Bankat Lala’s son lives an ordinary life and manages his condition by shaving his hair when it gets too long. His family slowly grew accustomed to him, seeing him as normal, as did his friends. He now sees himself as one in a million and wants to live happily.

On March 5th, 2023, Lit confidently uploaded a close-up Instagram photo of himself. One follower, who appeared to be a fan, added a kissing heart emoticon and a pink heart while describing the teenager as handsome and encouraging him to stay confident.

On October 18th, 2023, the young man shared another picture of himself on Instagram, showing his condition hasn’t changed. The boy, born looking different, appeared looking to the side while standing outside, allowing the full range of his facial hair to be visible.

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