Little Girl Interrupts Judge During Adoption Process, Reveals What Kind Of Man The Foster Dad Is

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Stacy had to appear in court after a trial period for her adoption. She had lived with her new foster parents for about 3 months. She was glad that she finally could come to court; this was finally the time to get everything off her chest.

The judge was very reserved. The parents acted like they were the perfect match for Stacy and hoped Stacy would not open her mouth. But out of nowhere and to everyone’s surprise, Stacy decided to speak up and interrupt the judge, but not before giving her foster parents one final confident look to make them even more nervous.

Somewhere in New York lived a young girl named Stacy. Stacy had a difficult childhood, bouncing from foster place to foster place. She longed for a permanent place to call home and a family to call her own. But desperate, her hope diminished. The foster homes she was placed in…….Read Full Story Here.………..

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