Royal Guard Surrounded By Rude Tourists, Then He Breaks The Protocol And Then Does This

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Amidst the chaos of a busy Tourist Day at the Royal Palace, a dedicated Royal Guard found himself surrounded by an unusually rude group of visitors. Tempers flared, tension hung in the air, and the tourists refused to heed his commands.

Just when it seemed a clash was inevitable, the guard did something that left everyone stunned and questioning. He unexpectedly broke protocol.

James had wanted to be part of the royal guard ever since he was a little boy. During his first briefing, his sergeant had told him that posing or laughing when a picture was being taken was strictly prohibited. Then it had been fine; he had no idea in what manner those rules would get him in trouble.James thought he had seen it all – people telling them corny jokes, walking in their path, making loud or strange sounds. Nevertheless, James felt like……Read Full Story Here………….

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