Man Dumped Package In Airport Trash, Then Lady Notice Went there And Discover The Unexpected

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The man looked desperate. She saw tears in his eyes as he begged the officials. They didn’t care about the pain clearly showing on his face. Eventually, he gave up. He walked to the trash can and threw something inside.

She had been watching from the side and couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore. When she saw what was in the box the man had thrown away, she started crying too.

Eliza Hernandez, from Tampa, Florida, didn’t expect anything unusual when she arrived at St. Petersburg Clearwater Airport that day with her boyfriend. They were on their way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and her boyfriend had come to see her off. While waiting in the security line, they noticed a delay ahead. A woman named Eureka Banks stood next to Alicia as the TSA checked bags, but one inspection was taking longer than expected. A middle-aged man was trying to…….Read Full Story Here…………..

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