My Husband Wants to have It Almost Every Minute And it’s Affecting My Job

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I’m a young mom with two little ones. My husband and I got married back in 2017, and we’ve been enjoying our life together ever since. Interestingly enough, my husband and I met through our mothers who both worked together at a government-run hospital.

After I finished university, I was in a bit of a waiting period for my service call-up letter. As the first one in my family to attend university, my mom was particularly focused on my future. Despite my focus on career opportunities, my mom was more interested in seeing me settled down in a marriage, something that wasn’t a priority for me at the time. She had started hinting about marriage while I was still in university, but once I graduated, she turned up the pressure, constantly inquiring about my relationship status and wondering why I wasn’t seeing anyone special.

This became a recurring struggle between us as she began attempting to set me up with the sons of her colleagues. She made several efforts, but none of them turned out well. Either the guys lacked manners, were too……Read Full Story Here…………………

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