Mom’s Belly Won’t Stop Growing After Birth – Doctor Can’t Believe His Eyes After Seeing Ultrasound

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Shel felt weird. She had already given birth to her newborn baby James 2 weeks ago, but her belly did not stop growing. The doctor told her that it might take a while before her belly stopped growing, but this could not be any good.

Shel called her doctor and told him everything about the issues she was experiencing. The doctor was shocked when he heard Shelle’s story. He knew he had seen this before; this could not be any good. But how did he break this to a new mom and her family?

While on a call, the doctor told Shell that she had no time to lose; they had to rush to the hospital since this could be a very dangerous situation. The doctor had a good feeling about what was going on, but he had to confirm this. Shelle’s husband Patrick quickly rushed to the car. When they finally arrived at the hospital, the couple was……Read Full Story Here……………

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