Mother Said, “Go with God.” Daughter Replied, “Only if He Go in the Trunk With The Eggs!” Then

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A girl without faith is angry with her parents. When her mother says, ‘Daughter, go with God,’ she tells him to go in the trunk. But when a horrible accident happens, and only the compartment is unaffected, her life falls apart.

Miriam was radiant in front of the mirror. Her meticulous makeup highlighted her brown eyes, and the outfit she had chosen for the party was bold, far from the simple dress her mother insisted she wear for church on Sundays. She felt an indomitable euphoria; the night promised adventure and freedom.

The doorbell rang, echoing through the quiet house. ‘It’s for me! I’ll answer it!’ shouted the girl, running towards the door. When she opened it, she found her friends. They greeted each other with shouts and laughter; their energy was contagious. One of them, Raphael, looked seriously at Miriam and said, ‘We’re going to have to….Read Full Story Here……………..

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