The waitress has a strange feeling when 9 policemen enter the restaurant suddenly.

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A waitress always served an elderly man who came to the restaurant for lunch. However, when he simply stopped coming, the young woman discovered something that made her heart stop. No one could have imagined what would happen.

Julie could hardly contain her excitement as she entered the elegant restaurant where she had landed a job at the age of 25. With big dreams and a fierce determination, she saw this opportunity as a chance to finally achieve her dreams.

The restaurant, known for its distinguished clientele and exceptional dishes, promised not only a good salary but also the chance to advance in her career. However, her enthusiasm faced a challenge on her very first day. The other employees, wanting to test her, assigned her to serve the restaurant’s most notoriously difficult customer. Julie, that gentleman over there is Mr. Henry. He comes here every day, and, well, he is very particular about his……Read Full Story Here……………………

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