Old Man Adopts 6 Unwanted Girls – 4 Years Later, He Realizes The Reason Why

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“Old man adopts six unwanted girls. Four years later, he realizes the reason why: the adoption of six young girls was not George’s intention when he walked into the orphanage that faithful day.

The elderly widower was actually there to do some volunteering work as he had recently retired but did not feel like he had done enough to give back. He also felt too young to just spend his days sitting in front of the TV. But today, he would get the chance to really do something with the rest of his life.

George was tasked to do some small maintenance jobs for the orphanage, and he was very happy to oblige. He would have rather spent some time with the children, but this also gave him the opportunity to connect with some of them. Sure enough, a couple of young girls seemed really interested in what he was doing. George was……..Read Full Story Here……………..

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