This Baby Fell Asleep. What The Family Dog Did Next is Hard to Believe!

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David and Susan Anderson were a newly wed couple living in Tampa, Florida. They had been married for 7 years and were finally ready to start a family. Susan had just become a mom to their first baby, Henry, and they were overjoyed. But at the same time, they were concerned about how their dog would react to the new addition.

They had adopted their dog just a week ago, and he was still very young. David and Susan didn’t expect to have a puppy, but when one of their friends passed away, they took the puppy in because it had nowhere else to go. They quickly learned that having a new puppy meant dealing with a lot of energy.The puppy would zoom around the house, race through the garden, and explore every nook and cranny it could squeeze into. No matter how…….Read Full Story Here.……….

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