Parents plan funeral for 10-yr-old with cancer – She then opens her eyes and says something that leaves them stunned

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Abby Furco’s life story stands as a testament to the miraculous possibilities life can offer.

At the tender age of four, Abby faced the daunting diagnosis of leukemia, with doctors giving her a mere 20% chance of survival. For her parents, Patty and her partner, this news shattered their world.

Despite the bleak prognosis, they rallied behind their daughter, recognizing her innate strength as a warrior, refusing to surrender in the battle for her life.

“We were devastated,” Patty shared. “The prognosis was grim, offering us very little hope.”Abby’s journey was grueling. She underwent a bone marrow transplant, endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and experimental drugs. Their love enveloped her, a shield against the looming uncertainty of losing her at……..Read Full Story Here………..

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