She Tried to Cheer up her Dying Sister By Blowing Air Into Her Belly Button – And Then a Miracle Happened

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When Poppy was born, her parents noticed something was wrong. She came too early, and the doctors said she had Mobius syndrome, a rare sickness that makes it hard to move facial muscles and talk or eat.Poppy stayed in the hospital at first, but she got a bit better. Her parents hoped she’d grow up healthy despite her illness.

At 15 months old, she started walking, which made her parents really happy. But she still struggled to make sounds, and she couldn’t laugh or smile because of her sickness.Things were okay for a while, but when she turned two, something terrible happened.

Poppy got very sick.Her mom found her unconscious in bed and rushed her to the hospital. Doctors found fluid in her lungs, which stopped oxygen from reaching her brain. This hurt her brain, and her condition got worse. Doctors worried she might……Read Full Story Here………….

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