Priest Installs Camera to Find Out Who Was Stealing the Offering, But He Was Shocked to See

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Frank Jerome was a priest in charge of Saint Thomas Parish. He tried his best to lead his flock and make sure everything was done the right way.

But then, things began to go wrong. The church’s offerings suddenly started going missing, so he had to investigate and find the culprit. What he would discover will shock you.

Frank Jerome was no one’s favorite priest. Ever since he got transferred to Saint Thomas Parish, he could count on one hand how many times he had been invited to visit a parishioner.

He was not the kind of priest people loved to flock around or the kind children ran to so he could lay his hands on their heads for a short prayer. Everyone treated him with the respect deserving of a priest; however, they kept their distance and never got too familiar. And the reason was……..Read Full Story Here..……….

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