Sister was late for the funeral and asked to open the coffin – When they opened it everyone was left in shock

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“A journalist could hardly imagine what was inside her sister’s coffin when she begged to open it after arriving late for the funeral. When they discovered the terrible secret hidden inside, everyone is shocked on that gray and sad afternoon. Annabelle ran through the streets soaked with rain, which seemed to weep along with her. The heavy sky reflected her state of mind, deep in melancholy and despair. The news that her sister, Annabeth, was being buried at that very moment had come to her like a devastating and unexpected bolt of lightning.

“No, she can’t leave me. I can’t believe it,” muttered Annabelle as she dodged cars and people, her heart beating at a frantic pace. The chaotic traffic in that big city had tragically delayed her going to the funeral of her beloved sister. “How did this happen? It doesn’t make sense,” she thought, unable to assimilate the brutal reality that was unfolding. Her mind was flooded with unanswered questions, a whirlwind of emotions and memories of Annabeth: shared laughs, whispered secrets, moments that now seemed to belong to another life.

Finally, the woman arrived at the cemetery. The scene before her eyes was heartbreaking. People stood around dressed in black, staring at the grave where her sister’s coffin had already been lowered. Men began to throw dirt on it, sealing a farewell that Annabelle refused to accept. “No,” she cried softly as tears flowed from her eyes. It was a silent and lonely farewell, a pain that seemed to lacerate her soul. There were her parents, haggard and aged with grief, Annabeth’s young children still unable to fully understand the loss of their mother, and worse, her husband who, when he exchanged a glance with Annabelle, sent a shiver down the back of her neck.

There was something in that look, something more, something that terrified the woman. So on impulse, driven by a force that even she didn’t know she possessed, Annabelle shouted, “Open the coffin! Open it now!” And she ran towards the tomb, causing a commotion, desperately trying to stop the last shovel of earth from falling on the coffin while those present watched her, confused and shocked.

Annabelle stood firm in her quest, her eyes fixed on the coffin that held her sister’s body, begging it to be open. Her hands were shaking, her voice a mixture of pleading and demanding. But why this sudden outburst? What was really going on?

To understand what was happening, we have to go back a little. The twins, Annabelle and Annabeth, although not identical twins, shared a bond that went beyond appearance. Since childhood, the two had been inseparable; their lives were intertwined by a strong bond of love and understanding that only they shared. Growing up, the sisters had different but equally ambitious dreams.

Annabelle, the most adventurous, always dreamed of being a journalist, fascinated by stories and events. She wanted to be at the heart of the action, covering important events across the country, and she bravely fulfilled that dream. At 35, Annabelle was a respected journalist, known for her ability to capture the essence of the stories she covered. Although her life was full of travel and discovery, she found her true happiness in returning to her homeland where her family awaited her with love and affection. She was single by choice and had no regrets. For her, the moments with her family, especially her sister’s children whom she loved as her own, were her greatest joys.

Annabeth, on the other hand, followed a different but equally noble path. She became a university professor, a woman of keen intelligence and a heart full of wisdom. She married Peter, an engineer who worked in a large steel mill. Together they built a comfortable life blessed with two adorable children. Annabeth loved teaching, and her passion for education shone through in every lesson she passed on to her students.

However, her 7-year marriage to Peter was no longer the same; the cracks in the relationship were becoming more and more evident, even though they both tried to maintain normality for the sake of their children. The woman who had always found in her twin a true confidant began to share her worries and fears with her sister. They were long conversations, often late into the night, where the teacher would vent, seeking advice and support from the one person she trusted unconditionally. Although the journalist was often away for work, she never failed to be there for Annabeth, whether through messages, phone calls, or visits whenever possible. She was there, offering a friendly shoulder and an attentive listener. Her sister was not only part of the family but an essential part of who she was. The two, united by blood and affection, shared not only joys and successes but also the pains and challenges that life brought.

That’s why the news of Annabeth’s sudden death came as a shock to Annabelle, a cruel blow from fate that threatened to tear apart the world they had built together. And now, in front of her sister’s closed coffin, the reporter found herself wrapped up in a mystery that she needed to unravel, driven by a feeling that went beyond mourning. A desperate need to reveal what really happened to the sister she loved so much.

It so happened that during their encounters, the university professor told her sister about her growing suspicion of her husband Peter’s strange attitudes. “He doesn’t look at me, he doesn’t talk to me, and whenever I try to do… he rejects. I can’t even hug him,” Annabeth confided on one of these occasions, with anguish clear in her voice.

Annabelle, trying to be the voice of reason, replied, “It’s probably just work stress, Beth. The steel mill is very stressful.” The journalist tried to ease her twin’s worries with words of comfort, suggesting that the man’s emotional distance could be temporary, the result of pressure at work.

“Alone? Could it really be?” During these conversations, Annabelle offered advice and support, trying to help Annabeth deal with the situation at home. She suggested ways of rekindling communication with Peter, of trying to understand what was happening to him. But nothing seemed to work. Despite his wife’s efforts, the engineer’s coldness and detachment only increased.

Then abruptly, the woman disappeared for several days. Annabeth was unreachable. The reporter, worried, tried incessantly to get in touch — calls, messages — but no reply. At the time, Annabeth was on a business trip, covering a murder in another city, which prevented her from returning home immediately.

But before we continue the story, we want to know if you were in this sister’s shoes, what would you do? Would you be worried too? Let us know in the comments. Now back to the story.

Finally, the professor reappeared, arranging to meet her sister at midnight in a 24/7 restaurant. The journalist arrived in the city and went straight to the restaurant, very confused, wondering why she had such an unusual and urgent meeting. When they sat down, the woman immediately dropped the bombshell.

“Anna, I think my husband is having an affair.”

The revelation shocked Annabelle, and the betrayed wife continued describing how Peter constantly rejected her and compared her to a certain coworker. “Linda is this and Linda is that. He’s always talking about her,” lamented the poor twin, her voice trembling with sadness. Linda, the engineer’s new colleague

, seemed to be a constant problem to Annabeth.

“I think he’s cheating on me. I’m sure of it, that bastard!” she exclaimed, anger evident in every word. Her sister, although she tried to remain calm, realized that the teacher’s suspicions were not unfounded. She described how Peter went out at night to send messages in the living room and always came home late — evidence that reinforced her suspicion.

Annabelle was visibly shaken, disgusted by the possibility of betrayal. “How could he do this to me? Doesn’t he think about…?” Annabelle, realizing the seriousness of the situation, advised her sister to be certain about her husband’s infidelity and if confirmed, to go ahead with the divorce. It was difficult advice but necessary given the painful and uncertain circumstances that were unfolding.

So, the journalist spent some more time traveling, although she kept in touch with her sister, as she was very worried about her situation. When they met again, the look on the poor woman’s face was a mixture of despair and anger.

“He denied everything! He denied having anything with that woman!” She said, her voice shaking. The tension on her face reflected the seriousness of the situation. Annabeth, as the legal owner of practically all the couple’s assets — a measure taken because of previous problems with Peter’s name — had everything in her own name: the house, the car, everything they owned.

“He doesn’t want a divorce!” exclaimed Annabeth, with a mixture of indignation and incredulity. Her sister, trying to remain calm, asked, “But do you have proof, Beth?”

“Not yet, but I will,” replied the woman, with a determination that didn’t seem to shake her.

Annabelle felt a deep sadness at seeing her twin sister in this distressing situation. Even in the midst of her work trips and news coverage, her mind was constantly on Annabeth. Every story she covered, every article she wrote, was permeated by a growing concern.

Soon after, those days, a very good opportunity arose for the journalist: a major story in another state. A golden chance for her career; covering this story could mean a promotion to a more prominent broadcast. But even with her professional enthusiasm, her heart was divided, weighed down by her sister’s situation.

“Will she be alright?” For a few days, she thought as she packed her bags. Following the news coverage, Annabelle tried to focus on her work, although her mind and heart were a little distant. And on that day, which was supposed to be an incredible day of celebration, a tightness in her chest bothered her the whole time she was there. It was a strange sensation, as if she could feel something coming from somewhere else. However, Annabelle didn’t know exactly what it was.

At the hotel, after almost 12 hours of recording, the woman was exhausted. Only then did she notice a missed call on her cell phone. It was Annabeth. But there was something strange about the message she left; it contained only confused sounds, as if someone was running, a commotion that left the reporter alarmed and with a bad feeling. She immediately tried to call her sister, but her cell phone was off.

“Please, Beth, pick up! Come on,” she insisted. And so it went for two days; the journalist tried tirelessly to get in touch, but there was no reply. She could barely concentrate on covering the stories because she couldn’t stop wondering why the hell Annabeth wasn’t getting back to her.

It was then that, with a broken heart, she decided to call her parents. And the moment her father answered, what he said completely devastated her.

“Honey, your sister…” the father began, interrupted by sobs and tears. “Beth… she… she died.”

The words went through Annabelle like a bolt of lightning; her father’s crying on the phone, together with her mother’s that could be heard in the background, was a sound that echoed the deepest pain, a sound the woman had never imagined hearing.

The reporter could barely process her father’s words. “What? What do you mean, Dad? What? No, that’s not possible!” she exclaimed in disbelief as tears began to stream down her face. “How and when? No, I can’t believe it! No!” The man, his voice laced with pain, explained that Annabeth had been the victim of a violent robbery on her way home from university. The criminals had hit her on the head, causing her to lose consciousness. Due to her high blood pressure, being unconscious and not taking her medication on time, this resulted in a massive cardiac arrest.

“But that… that doesn’t make sense! She can’t be dead! No!” Annabelle refused to accept it, while a feeling of disbelief and despair overtook her. She opened her laptop frantically, searching for tickets back to her hometown. But to her misfortune and despair, the only flight available was for the following afternoon. As if it couldn’t get any worse, the flight ended up being delayed, making her too late for her twin’s funeral, missing the wake which took place in the morning, and encountering chaotic traffic when she landed.

Annabelle made a desperate decision. She got out of the cab and ran, crossing streets and avenues towards the cemetery. And so, we returned to the beginning of the story, with her breathless arrival at Annabeth’s funeral. But there was something else, a revelation that only came later, in addition to the sixth sense she shared with her twin, a persistent feeling that her sister was somehow still alive.

The journalist discovered something shocking while running to the cemetery. She saw that there was another voice message on her cell phone left by Annabeth. The recording contained the same strange noises as the previous message, only now it had something that would change everything: voices.

The voices were Peter’s and a woman’s. He called the woman Linda, and then Annabelle knew it was the mistress Annabeth had talked about so much. They were talking hurriedly and half-terrified, as if they were committing a crime — and they were. And in the middle of everything they said, one phrase stood out on the recording: “Let’s get this over with.”

With Linda, inject everything before she wakes up,” the engineer shouted, not realizing that his wife’s cell phone was on a call. That’s why when the journalist arrived at the funeral and saw her brother-in-law, at the moment their eyes met, a dark, sarcastic, almost imperceptible smile formed on his face. It was as if he was celebrating the fact that his plan had worked.

However, with her experience as a reporter who has covered countless murder cases and her knowledge of body language, Annabelle concluded with certainty that the man had done something to her sister.

“Open that coffin! Open it now!” she screamed in terror, demanding that the coffin be lifted as quickly as possible. “My sister’s alive! I know she’s alive!” she screamed, her voice filled with urgency and despair. She was in a state of panic and conviction.

Peter approached, angry and defensive. “Let my wife rest in peace, Anna! Stop putting on a show at her funeral,” he said, trying to keep the situation under control.

However, Annabelle was determined to reveal the truth. So, she picked up her cell phone and played the recording. Everyone around could clearly hear the sound of a knock followed by the voices of Peter and his

lover Linda, discussing sinister plans against Annabeth. The sound of the conversation was unmistakable, shocking evidence of a macabre plot.

The engineer, realizing that he had been discovered, panicked. He even tried to run but was quickly restrained by those present. “You’re not getting away, you murderer!” In the midst of the confusion and general shock, the sister’s coffin was lifted, and its lid opened.

What they saw next was something none of them could have imagined: the woman was there, breathing weakly but alive. It was an unbelievable miracle, a moment of pure disbelief and relief.

“My daughter, my daughter!” her parents shouted. The old couple ran towards the coffin with tears in their eyes. But now, they were tears of joy and immense relief. An ambulance was called immediately, along with the police. While Annabeth was being carefully removed from the coffin and taken to the hospital, Peter was arrested. Under interrogation, the man ended up confessing everything he and his lover Linda had planned: to kill his wife in order to keep the couple’s assets and the pension he would receive from the university where his wife were.

Linda’s father, a coroner, had provided a false report, helping to forge the documents needed to stage Annabeth’s death. The police acted quickly, arresting the mistress and her father, the criminal coroner, dismantling the web of lies and betrayal they had woven.

And now, Annabeth was safe. She recovered in the hospital and was soon back in the warmth of her family, embraced by everyone’s love and care. In the end, although it was a story full of shocking twists and turns, the love between the twin sisters proved to be an unbreakable bond, a bond that defies logic and reason.

The sixth sense they shared, this inexplicable connection, was what saved Annabeth’s life, and this reinforces the belief that there are mysteries in life that cannot be easily explained, that there are bonds that transcend human understanding. But the love and connection between the sisters were clearly the driving force behind that miracle, living proof that sometimes the unexplainable can come true.”

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