Squatters Steal BLACK Veteran’s Home. Days Later Bikers Appear And Do The Unthinkable!

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“Some nasty squatters stole a black veteran’s home. A few days later, a biker gang appeared and did the unthinkable. Mrs. Hernandez was out for her usual afternoon walk when a strange sight caught her eye. A dirty-looking man was fiddling with the lock on the shed behind a neighbor’s house.

Alarm bells went off in Mrs. Hernandez’s head. She knew the owner of the house; he was a black soldier named Roy and he was still away in Iraq. This unfamiliar fellow definitely didn’t look like he belonged here.

Mrs. Hernandez took a deep breath before she marched towards the shed with her walking stick. She wasted no time in asking the man what he was doing in a clear and strong voice. The man at the shed was startled and he dropped his tools in surprise. When he turned around, Mrs. Hernandez could see his surly face and shifty eyes. She didn’t like the look of him one bit. She asked him again what he was doing on the property. The man mumbled something about…….Read Full Story Here………………

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