Dad Sees Black Teenager Who Caused Son’s Death, Then He Does Something Shocking!

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“This dad saw the black teenager who caused his son’s death. What he did next was so shocking and unexpected. Mr. C gripped the arms of his chair so hard that his knuckles turned white. The courtroom echoed with hushed whispers as a young black teenager was escorted in by the officer. Mr. C watched the boy as he entered the room.

It was a 17-year-old boy who was barely out of high school. His eyes locked on the teenager entering the courtroom. The boy’s eyes were puffy and tears streamed down his face. Mr. C’s chest tightened as he watched the boy being led to the stand. This was the boy who had been behind the wheel that tragic night, the boy whose reckless decision had stolen the life of his son Tim and Tim’s friend Christa.

The black boy mumbled apologies with his voice choked with sobs, but Mr. C heard nothing. All he felt was pure anger.Suddenly, Mr. C pushed himself out of his chair and stood up. The sharp scrape of his chair against the floor echoed in the silent courtroom. Everyone’s gaze snapped towards him. The black boy flinched, and…….Read Full Story Here………………..

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