The Coffin Refused to Be Buried Then Priest Opened it And Shocked Everyone

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The coffin refused to be buried, then the priest opened it and shocked everyone. Funeral attendees recently got the shock of a lifetime when a person on the verge of being buried suddenly.

For Priest Sam, a funeral is a weekly routine. Of course, he would rather do a wedding ceremony, but a funeral is part of his duties. So today, he also has a funeral.

A young woman died in a traffic accident today. It is her service, and the church is packed as John is busy blessing the young woman in the open casket. He notices something striking on her body; Priest John completely froze up. When he saw it, he knew he had not been allowed to open the casket at the parent’s request, and now he understood why. When he looked over his shoulder, he could see the shocked faces of Mary’s parents.

Sam had the casket closed again and finished up the ceremony, but it was not going just to let the casket be buried. He went into the back to get his phone and called the police. He needed them to see right away, but Mary’s parents had different ideas. What detail had Sam noticed in the …..Read Full Story Here…………

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