Father And Son Kills Hibernating Mother Bear And Her Two Cubs, Arrogantly Pose For Pictures

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With omnipresent technology around every corner to capture almost every move made in the world, it’s become harder and harder to commit a crime and go undetected.

The case of a mother black bear and her cubs being murdered in their own den by this father and son is prime example that few things escape the eye of Big Brother.Back in April , Andrew Renner and his teenage son were on a hunting trip on Esther Island in Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska.

What should’ve been a memorable bonding experience for the 41-year-old dad and his 17-year-old son turned into a crime that neither will soon forget.The pair skied into a mama bear’s den and murdered her in front of her two defenseless and crying cubs. This bear family was doing nothing but hibernating. The father and son clearly had no idea that the …….Read Full Story Here……….

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