This Fox Was Just About To Eat A Stray Cat, But Then The Most Startling Thing Happened

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The beach was a great place for photo opportunities, but the photographer had spotted something unusual. A fox was in the distance, rolling around with something. Indeed, as he got closer, he realized that the fox was fighting a cat, and its jaws were about to close on the feline’s head.

Some stories are so incredible that they stand the test of time and keep on resurfacing over and over. One such example is an amazing encounter between a fox and a cat. It first took the internet by storm in November of 2012. In fact, it resurfaced a year later in 2013 and has kept on coming back ever since—Wow, animal lovers worldwide! The original story was uploaded by an Imgur user called “stand strong.” According to BuzzFeed, the photographs were taken by a fisherman local to the Lake Van area in Turkey. The photographer was on Lake Van shores when he spotted a…….Read Full Story Here.………..

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