While Burying the Twins, an Old Man Put a Liquid Into Their Mouths. What Happened Next Is Shocking

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“While the villagers were burying the twins, an old man walked into their midst and poured the liquid into their mouths. And you won’t believe what happened next.

On a cold Friday evening, the twins, Gabriella and Isabella, were born. Their mother, Martha, held them lovingly in her arms and promised to love them and protect them. She knew they would be subject to ridicule because of her actions, but she told herself that she would teach her daughters to stand tall and never let the opinions of others define them.

She vowed to raise her daughters to be strong, courageous, and confident in themselves. Yes, she felt like a big failure herself, but her daughters’ lives would turn out differently, much better than hers.According to Martha’s plan, her daughters would get married by 30 and have all their kids before 35. As the girls grew, she would often tell them never to trust any man or love wholeheartedly. She forbade them to……Read Full Story Here…………..

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